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Global experts agree: Ending extreme poverty by 2030 is the only sure path to a stable, sustainable and thriving world. Join the FeelGood movement and help mobilize resources and public will to address the biggest environmental, social and economic challenges of our time.

  • Know your stuff

    Know your stuff

    We all need to know our stuff so we can be effective advocates—raising awareness and building public support for this critical undertaking.

  • Start a Chapter

    Start a Chapter

    Apply now to start a FeelGood chapter on your college campus and become a major player in our national youth movement to end poverty by 2030.

  • Invest in us!

    Invest in us!

    FeelGood is powered by the contributions of over 300 individuals just like you. Please help keep our movement strong with a monthly donation.

News from the FeelGood movement

  • Help Grow Our Movement

    FeelGood is launching a bold new initiative to recruit more chapters and grow our movement. Find out how you can earn $500 and more!

  • The Board + You

    FeelGood launched a new governance structure this past summer - a Board of Directors comprised of 75% current students and recent alumni. And we want nothing more than to be in relationship with YOU.

  • Vote On The Future of The C2030 Fund

    Vote on a proposed change to the way the Commitment 2030 Fund is distributed here.


  • 1.68 M for the end of poverty

  • 16,815 lives out of poverty

  • 23 active chapters

  • 181,872 volunteer hours

  • 183,140 grilled cheese

We're kind of famous. No big deal.


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