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News from the FeelGood movement

  • The Future of FeelGood

    FeelGood is launching a new governance structure and a new approach to chapter support. The goal: amplify student and alumni leadership and increase the impact of our movement. Because now more than ever, the world needs the ideas, passion, creativity, and commitment of the rising generation.


    It's a global fundraising campaign and personal challenge to live below the extreme poverty line —spending just $1.50 on food and drink for five days. Last year over a dozen FeelGooders participated to raise $7,709 for one of our Commitment 2030 Fund partners, The Hunger Project. This year our target is $10,000. Join us.

  • Big Cheese 2015

    Attend FeelGood’s 5-day leadership and social entrepreneurial training intensive held each summer – a transformational experience you’ll never forget. This year’s theme: The Year of You. Space is limited, so reserve your spot and register today!


Global experts agree: Ending extreme poverty by 2030 is the only sure path to a stable, sustainable and thriving world. Join the FeelGood movement and help mobilize resources and public will to address the biggest environmental, social and economic challenges of our time.

  • Know your stuff

    Know your stuff

    We all need to know our stuff so we can be effective advocates—raising awareness and building public support for this critical undertaking.

  • Start a Chapter

    Start a Chapter

    Apply now to start a FeelGood chapter on your college campus and become a major player in our national youth movement to end poverty by 2030.

  • Invest in us!

    Invest in us!

    FeelGood is powered by the contributions of over 300 individuals just like you. Please help keep our movement strong with a monthly donation.


  • 1.68 M for the end of hunger

  • 16,815 lives out of poverty

  • 23 active chapters

  • 181,872 volunteer hours

  • 183,140 grilled cheese

We're kind of famous. No big deal.


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