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Alum Chris Joy Represents Voice of Youth at THP Gala.

At The Hunger Project’s Annual Fall Gala on October 18 there will be a special focus on youth mobilization and empowering young leaders. Rightly so, there will be a number of young leaders speaking from partner countries. One of these youth representatives is our very own Chris Joy, an alumni from the University of Vermont and former leader at the UVM chapter. Throughout the weekend, Chris will represent all of the FeelGood students who have mobilized over $1.6 million for the end of hunger since 2005. Chris be playing a key role in bringing the youth voice to meetings with THP investors and staff throughout the weekend. He’ll also be presenting at the Gala! We’re so lucky to have Chris be a part of this movement and a passionate representative for youth changemakers around the globe stepping up for the end of hunger.

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