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Welcome Back

By Rachel Hemmerstein, FeelGood’s Acting Executive Director

Welcome back to campus! There are countless reasons I am lucky to connect with college students on a regular basis. As we begin the academic year, I’m reminded of the refreshing powers of a blank slate; a new start. We all get New Years, but when you’re a student you get the back-to-school reboot too. I’m grateful for it, as it can be a time of reflection, goal-setting, and doubling down on commitments big and small.

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FeelGood on the 2016 US Election

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By now there have been countless passionate and profound words written about the 2016 US Presidential Election, and we want to share some of them with you as well as create a space (in the comments section below) for you to share any that you find motivating, empowering, or healing.

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