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In August our incoming and outgoing Board of Directors* gathered with FeelGood’s staff for a board retreat leading up to the 2017 Big Cheese. Since our team is largely remote, this in-person time has felt important in getting to know each other, building relationships, transitioning work, grounding ourselves in our strategic priorities, and developing our action plans.

In an effort to share some of the experience with the rest of our movement, this blog contains the following:

  • Our strategic priorities
  • Our metrics and goals
  • Our action plans
  • Programmatic shifts



Our strategic priorities were first defined in 2015, and each year we have taken the time to reexamine and to recommit to these priorities. This coming year, this process will likely look different as we create even more space to redefine what we are committing to as a movement. Our strategic priorities are:

  • Ensure sustainability, longevity and integrity of the movement through current transitions.
  • Grow the movement in breadth and depth, empowering youth leaders and engaging grassroots members.
  • Increase investment through the Commitment 2030 Fund and deepen impact locally and globally.
  • To intentionally and strategically operate like a movement, not just an organization.

Within each of these strategic priorities, we provide further detail – which you can find in this working document.



Historically, we have centered our high-level goal-setting (each board member sets goals for their specific action plans) around three metrics:

  • Number of chapters
  • Money raised for the end of extreme poverty
  • Number of members and leaders

We continue to see these measures as important to tracking our progress as a movement, along with the number of changemaking conversations and volunteer hours that you can find here, but as we reviewed our strategic priorities we realized that setting goals in these areas was not fully representative of our overarching plans for the year. They do not acknowledge our commitment to student and alumni leadership on the board of directors or the Changemaker Ignitor team, to building relationships, being a community of practice, collaborating with other organizations, and seeking alternative ways to impact positive change and bring about a world that works for all life. Additionally, our high-level goal setting was largely top-down, and now we’re trying to create a more holistic approach to how we reach our goals in these priority areas. The process will contain more variables, and we’re excited to have new ways to measure our priorities. We want these goals to be as bottom-up as possible.

Moving forward, we are excited to track the following metrics (some that we’ve been tracking for years – or even since our inception) with the intention of having the best sense of our impact possible. Having this context means we can be responsive to our movement’s needs, accomplishments, strengths, and areas for improvement.

We plan to focus our measurement and evaluation on the following:

  • Number of chapters and Launchpad teams
  • Money raised for the end of extreme poverty
  • Number of members and leaders
  • Volunteer hours (for students, board members, committee members, and Changemaker Ignitors)
  • Number, scale, type of events hosted by chapters and alumni
  • Number of changemaking conversations
  • Engagement in educational resources
  • Number of active users, actions logged, badges awarded, points earned, events on Cheese World platform
  • Number of alumni hubs, events hosted, and active members of each hub

This will be measured through the following:

  • An annual Student Impact Survey
  • Cheese World action submissions
  • Event and program evaluations
  • Conversations with students!



Each board member created an action plan this year in advance of our board retreat. At the board retreat, each action plan was presented to the group, in small groups we innovated around the ideas shared, reported back to the group, and then voted on what was needed moving forward. The action plans have since been updated and can be found on our Board of Directors webpage (just click on the pushpin beneath each board members photo!).



We’re proud of the program we’ve developed, and we invite you to get a thorough glimpse of what we’re up to in our most recent annual report. Over the years we’ve identified key structures of support (Changemaker Ignitors, Cheese World, Peak Experiences, Resource Center, Education Labs, etc.) as well as clear definition of what it means to be a part of a FeelGood chapter.

Within this context, we are excited to explore a number of new practices within our FeelGood program. Two that feel significant to share are:

  • Instead of hosting the Big Cheese every year, we plan to shift to an every-other-year model. This will invite more collaboration with other like-minded organizations and free up space to explore what regional FeelGood Peak Experiences could look like. For more, read here.
  • We are bringing back chapter visits as a means to witness chapter operations firsthand (attending meetings, delis, events), connect chapters to the broader FeelGood movement (and vice versa!), offer in-person support and coaching, inspire a deeper connection to our commitment to end extreme poverty (both for chapter AND volunteers/staff visiting). FeelGood is its strongest when we are in relationship with one another – we’re excited to have this opportunity to connect.

Want to learn more about our board? Head here! You can always reach out to us at board@feelgood.org.


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