Big Cheese


Future of the Big Cheese

Since our first Big Cheese in 2010, nearly 500 people have attended this Peak Experience. Overwhelmingly, students report The Big Cheese to be ‘transformational,’ ‘inspiring,’ and ‘life changing.’ This past year was no exception. We invite you to check out the responses to our Big Cheese Survey here.

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The Biggest Cheese

By Aubrey Redd, Big Cheese Content Manager, Program Development Chair, and President of West Chester FeelGood

Earlier this month, FeelGood hosted the Big Cheese Summer Institute in Bryn Athyn, PA. Students traveled from all corners of North America, including Canada, to represent 18 of the incredible chapters in the movement. The students, the core of the movement, were not the only people present at the Big Cheese. They were joined by the Changemaker Ignitors, FeelGood staff, the (student-led) Big Cheese Planning Committee and partner organization representatives.

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Big Cheese 2016: Reflecting on Moments by Rachel Benjamin

Have you ever experienced a moment that you knew you would remember for the rest of your life? A moment that, despite the seemingly endless chaos existing in the outside world, made you believe that everything would truly be okay. Myself, and everyone else who attended FeelGood’s Big Cheese conference in July 2016 were lucky enough to experience an entire weekend filled with moments like these.

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7 Ways to Fund Your Big Cheese Experience

Wondering how to fund your Big Cheese experience? Registration and travel costs can make the Big Cheese look expensive, especially for a college student. But in reality, it has always been the case that students are able to find ways to completely fund their Big Cheese experience one way or another. So don’t let finances be a reason to not register! Check out some of our suggestions below, and talk to your Changemaker Ignitor if you still have any hesitations!

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Top 5 Things You Thought Were True About Big Cheese

1. Big Cheese registration will cost you $350.

This is misleading. Big Cheese registration is $275 prior to April 1st, but $350 after that, but virtually ALL registrations are paid for with Cheese Points. At 60 Cheese Points per $1, the Early Bird and regular price is 16,500 Cheese Points and 21,000 Cheese Points, respectively, which means every chapter has enough earnable points for at least 1 registrant, if not 2!

2. The Big Cheese will conflict with my summer job/internship.

Not necessarily! The Big Cheese takes place over a weekend, plus half a day on Friday and Monday too. Not only will most employers give you time off for a prestigious leadership conference like this, they will also be very impressed with your commitment to FeelGood’s cause and support you in getting there! All you have to do is ask, the earlier the better!

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