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Welcome Back 2017

Welcome back!


As 2017 begins, the United States and our global community are undergoing significant changes. And, while the new year is always a time for reflection, reset, goals, and new routines, this year is coupled with political transition as well.

The election season, regardless of how we voted, shocked many of us to our core and has brought to light a divisiveness that needs addressing.

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FeelGood to Represent on THP Investor Trip to Ghana!

Our partnership with The Hunger Project dates back to 2005. Throughout 10 years, the movement has had incredible opportunities to engage with THP’s work and staff, including the annual Fall Gala in New York City. Last fall, for the first time, FeelGood was offered two full-funded spots on their Investor Trip. An incredibly generous donor, who believes in youth engagement as a critical tool to ending extreme poverty by 2030, offered the opportunity. After the great success of Dory Cooper (University of Vermont ’15) and Tim Baccarro (Stevens Insitute of Tech ’15) representing FeelGood in Bangladesh, this generous investor has stepped up yet again.

So what’s next? Well two incredibly talented, passionate, engaged, and promising youth leaders with be representing FeelGood on a THP Investor trip to Ghana this August.

We are completely thrilled and honored to announce our two representatives: Ashwini Bhide (UC Berkeley ’14) and Lauren Taber (UC Santa Barbara ’17)!

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The Spirit of Collaboration. By Kern Beare.

Some of the critiques of the Gates Foundation’s recent annual letter —as well as of the Sustainable Development Goals themselves—are a reminder that in our work of making the world a better place, what’s most important is the spirit with which we do it. Given what we’re up against, ours is not an easy undertaking. But it can be incredibly joyful, especially when we take the time to appreciate each other, and to gratefully build upon, rather than to tear down, each other’s work. More important than joy, it creates the foundation for collaboration, without which we cannot succeed.

Thoughtful analyses and lively dialogue are of course essential to our collective learning, and for discovering the best way forward. But what determines whether the experience is energizing or enervating is the attitude that pervades it. Following are a few things we’ve learned from our partner organizations about what it takes to create a joyful, collaborative environment:

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