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Board Vision & Action

In August our incoming and outgoing Board of Directors* gathered with FeelGood’s staff for a board retreat leading up to the 2017 Big Cheese. Since our team is largely remote, this in-person time has felt important in getting to know each other, building relationships, transitioning work, grounding ourselves in our strategic priorities, and developing our action plans.

In an effort to share some of the experience with the rest of our movement, this blog contains the following:

  • Our strategic priorities
  • Our metrics and goals
  • Our action plans
  • Programmatic shifts


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Welcome 2017-2018 Board Committee Members!

We are beyond thrilled to welcome even more empowered youth leaders to a team that holds the responsibility of making the FeelGood movement function, grow, and continue to foster a world that works for all life.

Below you will find the roster of students and alumni who are joining forces with the FeelGood Board of Directors as committee members for the 2017-2018 term. These committee members use their experience as current and past students in the FeelGood movement to share ideas, create fun and interesting content, and make the movement a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

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Welcome Back

By Rachel Hemmerstein, FeelGood’s Acting Executive Director

Welcome back to campus! There are countless reasons I am lucky to connect with college students on a regular basis. As we begin the academic year, I’m reminded of the refreshing powers of a blank slate; a new start. We all get New Years, but when you’re a student you get the back-to-school reboot too. I’m grateful for it, as it can be a time of reflection, goal-setting, and doubling down on commitments big and small.

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A reflection by Rachel Hemmerstein, Acting Executive Director of FeelGood, in the wake of recent events in Charlottesville.

Events like the terrorism that occurred in Charlottesville call into question all we know and all we hold dear. They should – because they’re terrifying. They show us the worst part of being a human, and they leave us feeling many things – shell shocked, angry, in despair. They leave me wanting to dismiss the people involved as inhuman, as cruel, as evil. But…it also feels like that’s the easy way out.

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Welcoming 2017-2018 FeelGood Leadership!

It is with great excitement, enthusiasm, and pride that we share the roster of FeelGood’s Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 term and the new alumni joining our already incredible team of Changemaker Ignitors.

After receiving a number of nominations of impressive FeelGood students and alumni – who were willing to dedicate their time, energy, and hearts to the movement that means so much to us – a group of current FeelGood board members and staff came together to select those who would serve as this year’s slate of directors. Simultaneously, alumni from all walks of FeelGood past and present applied to be Changemaker Ignitors, and eight have been selected to join the team of CIs for next year.

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