The Big Picture


FeelGood’s Next Executive Director

I’m thrilled to share with you that FeelGood is formally launching its search for an Executive Director!

Just over a year ago we first shared that FeelGood had begun the process of succession planning. Since then, we have continued our focus on building relationships and developing leadership capacity throughout our movement. Our board of directors and subsequent committees – comprised of students and alumni of the FeelGood movement – continues to partner closely with staff to further the reach of our program. With each month, there’s a stronger shared holding of our movement’s vision, direction, and priorities. With this, our decisions and processes are informed by the collective insight and wisdom of the whole – that means everything from care packages to chapters to our newly revised bylaws!

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Welcome Back 2017

Welcome back!


As 2017 begins, the United States and our global community are undergoing significant changes. And, while the new year is always a time for reflection, reset, goals, and new routines, this year is coupled with political transition as well.

The election season, regardless of how we voted, shocked many of us to our core and has brought to light a divisiveness that needs addressing.

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B.H.A.G: What does it mean?

What does it mean when we say that we are going to end extreme poverty by 2030?

It is a monumental undertaking. One that would surpass most of humanity’s greatest achievements. Can you imagine? Take a second and reflect on what that world might look like, the world that we built together, in 2030. One free of extreme poverty and hunger, with gender parity around the world, and humanity taking the next step in its evolutionary trajectory. A world in which humanity has collectively expressed its belief that all humans (and, indeed, all life) are equal and have a right to dignified lives.

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