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Akwaaba: Ending Hunger In Ghana (Part I) By Lauren Taber

This post is the first in a three-part series of reflections from Lauren Taber (UCSB ‘17) and Ashwini Bhide (UC Berkeley ‘14). In August 2015, the two embarked on an investor trip to Ghana with The Hunger Project, one of our Commitment 2030 Fund partners. They were selected as representatives of our movement because of demonstrated leadership locally and nationally. This blog series is a reflection on their experiences.

To be sure, the mission of The Hunger Project is diverse and expansive, but right in its name lies an issue that is close to the heart of the organization, and to that of the FeelGood movement: hunger.

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FeelGood to Represent on THP Investor Trip to Ghana!

Our partnership with The Hunger Project dates back to 2005. Throughout 10 years, the movement has had incredible opportunities to engage with THP’s work and staff, including the annual Fall Gala in New York City. Last fall, for the first time, FeelGood was offered two full-funded spots on their Investor Trip. An incredibly generous donor, who believes in youth engagement as a critical tool to ending extreme poverty by 2030, offered the opportunity. After the great success of Dory Cooper (University of Vermont ’15) and Tim Baccarro (Stevens Insitute of Tech ’15) representing FeelGood in Bangladesh, this generous investor has stepped up yet again.

So what’s next? Well two incredibly talented, passionate, engaged, and promising youth leaders with be representing FeelGood on a THP Investor trip to Ghana this August.

We are completely thrilled and honored to announce our two representatives: Ashwini Bhide (UC Berkeley ’14) and Lauren Taber (UC Santa Barbara ’17)!

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No Longer a World Away, Part II. By Dory Cooper.

This post is second in a three-part series of reflections from Dory Cooper, past president of FeelGood at the University of Vermont. In November 2014, Dory joined fellow FeelGooder Tim Baccaro (Stevens FeelGood ’15) on an investor trip to Bangladesh with The Hunger Project, one of our Commitment 2030 Fund partners. On February 5, they hosted a FeelGood LiveLab about their trip, which was recorded so you can check it out here.

So what’s going on in Bangladesh anyway? Where even is it? Are there tigers roaming the streets? Let’s take some time to go over some Bangladesh basics!

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Alum Chris Joy Represents Voice of Youth at THP Gala.

At The Hunger Project’s Annual Fall Gala on October 18 there will be a special focus on youth mobilization and empowering young leaders. Rightly so, there will be a number of young leaders speaking from partner countries. One of these youth representatives is our very own Chris Joy, an alumni from the University of Vermont and former leader at the UVM chapter. Throughout the weekend, Chris will represent all of the FeelGood students who have mobilized over $1.6 million for the end of hunger since 2005. Chris be playing a key role in bringing the youth voice to meetings with THP investors and staff throughout the weekend. He’ll also be presenting at the Gala! We’re so lucky to have Chris be a part of this movement and a passionate representative for youth changemakers around the globe stepping up for the end of hunger.

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