Water for People


Dive Into Water By Peggy Snider

Our Commitment 2030 Fund partner Water For People is working on one of the most crucial issues facing our planet and therefore facing us: water.

Fresh, potable water is essential to life. It’s also incredibly scarce. Even though three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, less than one percent (0.007% to be exact) is accessible for human use. And that tiny percentage needs to serve the needs of an ever-growing human population—a near impossibility given the unsustainable way most of us currently use and consume water.

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Everyone Forever. By Corin Blanchard.

This is the powerful commitment of our partner organization Water for People — just the kind of audacious and inspired vision our world needs. What makes a vision more than just a dream, however, is an holistic approach to actually doing it. That’s why Water for People is “thinking and acting beyond the tools and the toilets, and beyond today” — knowing our collective work is about “building a foundation for the future” which is exactly what Everyone Forever means.

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