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Commitment 2030 Fund Partner Highlight: The Hunger Project.

The Hunger Project (THP) was selected for FeelGood’s Commitment 2030 Fund because they embody, at the village and community level, the SDG’s holistic approach to hunger and poverty eradication. With programs in 17,000 communities throughout Africa South Asia and Latin America, THP empowers women and men living in rural villages to become the agents of their own development. While their approach is adapted to meet local challenges and opportunities, all THP programs have at their foundation these three essential elements: empowering women as key change agents; mobilizing communities for self-reliant action; and fostering effective partnerships with local government.

THP is especially cognizant of the role of good governance in ensuring success. THP Executive Vice President John Coonrod put it this way: “Food security is never simply a matter of food or farming. It lies at the center of a nexus of issues including health, education, nutrition, water, sanitation, environmental sustainability, transportation, energy and markets. In short, people need an integrated package of services that is the responsibility of rural governance.” Learn more about THP’s approach, and make an investment today in the Commitment 2030 Fund.

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