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FeelGood’s Next Executive Director

I’m thrilled to share with you that FeelGood is formally launching its search for an Executive Director!

Just over a year ago we first shared that FeelGood had begun the process of succession planning. Since then, we have continued our focus on building relationships and developing leadership capacity throughout our movement. Our board of directors and subsequent committees – comprised of students and alumni of the FeelGood movement – continues to partner closely with staff to further the reach of our program. With each month, there’s a stronger shared holding of our movement’s vision, direction, and priorities. With this, our decisions and processes are informed by the collective insight and wisdom of the whole – that means everything from care packages to chapters to our newly revised bylaws!

Our team of volunteer Changemaker Ignitors are not only sharing resources with chapters and providing encouragement, they are actively shaping our chapter program. They are strong advocates for the leadership of young people, they are immersed in the values and principles of our work, and they are committed change agents for a world free from extreme poverty – a world that works for all life.

Together, we’ve:

  • Deepened our impact – We’re committed to sharing our methodology and resources with anyone and everyone! Specifically, we’re energized by our collaborations within the Crew 2030 network.
  • Worked toward organizational sustainability While you can never truly arrive here (it’s always work), you can be in a healthy place. We’ve right-sized our budget, we’re creating relationships and partnerships with other organizations so that we are ‘playing’ in the ever-changing non-profit/youth engagement landscape together, and we have a community of committed investors who deeply believe in our work.
  • Build resiliency – Our staff is small but mighty, and combined with our board of directors, committee members, Changemaker Ignitors, FeelGood students, and our committed investors, we are rooted in and working to share our values and principles deep and wide.

It’s within this context that we search for our next ED.

I (Rachel Hemmerstein) – as Acting Executive Director – am partnering closely with our board’s Executive Committee to determine what is next as we begin an intentional search for the next Executive Director of FeelGood.

The Executive Committee is comprised by FeelGood’s:

  • Board Chair, Becky Bond – Chestnut Hill College ‘12
  • Development Chair, Kristin Walter – Co-Founder
  • Finance Chair, Justin Donahue – Boston University ‘16
  • Vice Chair, Julia Correia – Boston University ‘18

With this context, we are excited to be launching a public search for our new Executive Director. For more information on the role itself, click here. And, we want your support! Do you know someone who you think we should consider? Encourage them to apply! Do you have questions, recommendations, ideas? Let us know by emailing the Executive Committee at careers@feelgood.org.

Our hope is to fill the role by the end of the calendar year, but we are committed to keeping applications open until we fill the role with the ‘right’ candidate. Our process will include:

  • Actively promoting the position throughout the FeelGood movement, our professional networks, and job sites
  • Hosting first and second round interviews – and more if needed. Interviews will be run by members of the Executive Committee and FeelGood’s staff.
  • Our Board of Directors will vote on the Executive Director candidate before an offer is made. The vote will be a majority vote.

Needless to say, this is a very exciting time for FeelGood—one of many new experiences, growing leadership, and evolution. We’re grateful for over ten years of experience partnering with young leaders, and we know that none of what we’re doing today would be possible without everyone that came before us! If you’re reading this, there is no doubt you have been a part of this journey. Thank you for your commitment to FeelGood, your belief in young people, and your faith in humanity and our ability to foster a world that works for all life.


In partnership,

Rachel Hemmerstein
On behalf of FeelGood

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