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FeelGood on the 2016 US Election

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By now there have been countless passionate and profound words written about the 2016 US Presidential Election, and we want to share some of them with you as well as create a space (in the comments section below) for you to share any that you find motivating, empowering, or healing.

We also felt it important to reach out and say, to anyone who is feeling lost or saddened by the election results: we are here with you. To our FeelGood family members (which includes, ideally, everyone) who are Latinx, people of color, women, Muslim, queer, trans, differently-abled, or especially anyone feeling personally othered by our President-elect and his supporters or campaign, we are with you, we love you, and we support you.

The response to the election that we’ve seen from the FeelGood community has been overwhelming. Chapters, you are doubling down your commitments, seeing the interconnectedness of your work ending extreme poverty to the healing that is needed in the United States right now. You are creating a space for your community members to care for themselves AND you are continuing to take action with your delis and fundraisers like nothing could ever stop you. Our investors and alumni too, in the face of looming domestic challenges, are not stepping back their financial and spiritual investment in FeelGood’s work. Thank you.

Before we offer up some articles and videos to take heart in, one last word. We are reminded of the wisdom of the indigenous Achuar people of the Ecuadorian rainforest that we’ve come to know through our partner organization, the Pachamama Alliance. In the Achuar’s culture, when they encounter a threat, they believe that they are not to run from it or respond with aggression and violence; they believe they must run toward the conflict and actually encounter it. So when foreign oil companies invaded their pristine territory 20 years ago looking to extract petroleum, they didn’t flee or fight, but successfully reached out to the “modern world” for partnership and to build coalitions that are helping them resist the oil development still today.

We believe this is the orientation FeelGood needs to the impending challenges of deep division, separation, and being out of relationship with our domestic neighbors: to run towards them and encounter them. To take this opportunity to show the world what radical loving response looks like. To stand up, to organize, to be an activist, to be in authentic relationship, to be radically compassionate, to create spaces for listening, to welcome every single one of our human family members, and to constantly improve on how we do all of these things. We can’t think of a higher calling or purpose to life than this. Here’s to action!

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The Election: Of Hate, Grief, and a New Story by Charles Eisenstein
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