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FeelGood to Represent on THP Investor Trip to Ghana!

Our partnership with The Hunger Project dates back to 2005. Throughout 10 years, the movement has had incredible opportunities to engage with THP’s work and staff, including the annual Fall Gala in New York City. Last fall, for the first time, FeelGood was offered two full-funded spots on their Investor Trip. An incredibly generous donor, who believes in youth engagement as a critical tool to ending extreme poverty by 2030, offered the opportunity. After the great success of Dory Cooper (University of Vermont ’15) and Tim Baccarro (Stevens Insitute of Tech ’15) representing FeelGood in Bangladesh, this generous investor has stepped up yet again.

So what’s next? Well two incredibly talented, passionate, engaged, and promising youth leaders with be representing FeelGood on a THP Investor trip to Ghana this August.

We are completely thrilled and honored to announce our two representatives: Ashwini Bhide (UC Berkeley ’14) and Lauren Taber (UC Santa Barbara ’17)!

Ashwini Bhide


We’ve had the privilege of witnessing Ashwini’s incredible journey for the past several years and the FeelGood staff is in agreement: she is a bold, influential and talented young woman who is going places! Ashwini also is deeply committed to the end of poverty and hunger, which she speaks to eloquently and passionately. And her communication and leadership skills reach far beyond the spoken word; she has helped FeelGood on a few occasions with refining our communications – like when we launched the Commitment 2030 Fund – such that the messaging is clear and compelling. Ashwini has also served as a chapter leader and been involved at the movement level both on staff at our Big Cheese Summer Institute and via volunteering with our Bay Area staff.

Next academic year, she is serving on the Communications Committee for the FeelGood Board and – along with roughly 25 other alumni volunteers and 10 current student leaders – will help co-create a new era for the movement and a new organizational structure that truly puts youth (including Ashwini) at the helm of its future.
Lauren Taber

At every turn and in every dimension, Lauren is an impressive leader already. As a leader of the chapter at UC Santa Barbara for the past couple of years and a rising junior, Lauren is also serving on one of FeelGood’s new board committees next school year, one focused on education – essentially equipping the movement to be powerful and informed resource mobilizers.

Perhaps most notably, however, is Lauren’s authentic and aligned orientation to our deepest shared values of how we approach all of our work: “I feel that the purpose of any travel should be to learn about the diversity of the world and all of its inhabitants, from a place of humility – accepting how much we have to learn rather than focusing on how much we have to teach.

Thank you so much to Lauren and Ashwini for stepping up in this unique way, to the generous donor underwriting their trip, and to The Hunger Project for all that you do!

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