Big Cheese 2017

The Big Cheese 2017

FeelGood’s 4-day immersion experience is all about the vital role you and your generation have to play in ensuring the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (aka our collective future!). So come to learn, to share, to be inspired, and to take your changemaker skills—and our movement—to a whole new level.

The Basics

WHEN: August 4, 2017 at 4pm ET – August 7, 2017 at 1pm ET
WHERE: Bryn Athyn College in Bryn Athyn, PA
WHO: Any FeelGood student is eligible to attend the Big Cheese! All chapters are required to send at least one member. While your chapter is required to send 1 member, you may send up to 5 people. If your chapter has more than 5 people interested in attending, let us know by reaching out to
COST: Registration is $300 per person, however every chapter has the opportunity to earn two FREE scholarships by earning the “Order of Strategic Changemakers” badge on Cheese World. All Launchpad teams that become chapters are also awarded 2 free scholarships to the Big Cheese. Cheese Point scholarships are available for registrations beyond the 2 scholarships that your chapter can receive.
All registration fees include ground transportation from main transit hubs, lodging, meals, activities and materials (does NOT include travel to/from greater Bryn Athyn area). Travel grants via Cheese World are not available at this time, so be sure to look into school funding to get your travel costs covered.


  • Connect to the urgency of ending extreme poverty by 2030
  • Understand why you are needed and why now is the time
  • Step up and continue to shape FeelGood’s future through movement-wide leadership
  • Expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development
    • Meet and connect with FeelGood staff and Commitment 2030 Fund partners
    • Share experience and strategies with other FeelGood chapter leaders
    • Obtain tangible insights into your chapter’s impact
    • Get tools and tips on running an effective social enterprise
    • Discover how to strengthen and lead your FeelGood chapter community

    The Official Big Cheese 2017 Countdown

    Friday 4th of August 2017 12:00:00 AM

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    The Big Cheese will be hosted in Bryn Athyn, PA at Bryn Athyn College.
    August 4-7, 2017
    Representatives from FeelGood chapters from across the country, FeelGood staff and alumni, Changemaker Ignitors, and representatives from FeelGood’s partner organizations.
    Each chapter is required to send one representative and is invited to send up to five members. If your chapter would like to send more than 5 people, please contact Most likely, we will be able to make that possible!
    Any chapter that earns the “Order of Strategic Changemakers” badge on Cheese World will receive two FULL scholarships to register for the Big Cheese for FREE. Learn how to unlock the badge here.

    If your chapter appears to be having any issues earning the badge, reach out to your CI or email

    You may redeem your chapter’s two free scholarships on your chapter President’s account(s) as soon as the badge “Order of the Strategic Changemakers” is earned.

    For purchasing Big Cheese scholarships beyond those two, Cheese Points may be used to pay for your ticket. To do so, go to the prizes section of Cheese World and redeem a Big Cheese scholarship– you can cash out in values of $25, $50, $100, and $300. If you are cashing out for someone in your chapter other than yourself, please fill out their email address in the email address field. From there, wait to receive a message with your discount code from FeelGood. You must apply the discount code (“promotional code”) before you start your registration on Eventbrite.

    All cancellations must be received in an email sent to

    Registrations cancelled before the registration deadline (June 21) can be transferred to any other FeelGood member without penalty.

    Registrations cancelled before June 21 and not transferred to another student are eligible for refunds as follows:
    *For any Fees paid out of pocket: $100 of registration is non-refundable, any additional amount paid by the student to register will be refunded.
    *For fees paid with Cheese Points: Cheese Points will be fully refunded, but the student must pay a $50 fee to FeelGood to cover costs incurred.

    Registrations cancelled on or after June 21 and not transferred to another student will not be refunded.

    Extenuating life circumstances impacting or altering your ability to attend- particularly after these registration and refund dates pass- may qualify for exceptions and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


    If driving, meet us at Bryn Athyn College. There is ample free parking available on campus. Parking lots are in front of the Brickman Center, along the side of the Brickman Center and Pendleton Hall, in a small lot adjacent to the Doering Center, along certain campus roadways, and in a lot next to the Bryn Athyn College Experiential Learning Garden.

    If taking a train or a bus into Philadelphia, you will want to take a SEPTA train to Jenkintown-Wyncote, PA train station. We will have shuttles to pick up at the station between the hours of 2pm and 4pm on Friday the 4th, and drop off on Monday the 7th between 12pm and 1pm.

    If you are you planning to fly to the Big Cheese, we recommend flying into Philadelphia Airport (PHL). Depending on your travel needs, there are two other nearby airports–Trenton (TTN) and Newark (EWR)–which have public transportation options to the Jenkintown-Wyncote train station. Check out Google Transit or Rome2Rio (includes pricing) to help you plan your route or feel free to contact if you need more help. We will have shuttles to pick up at the station between the hours of 2pm and 4pm on Friday the 4th, and drop off on Monday the 7th between 12pm and 1pm.

    We ask that you email your travel plans and itinerary to by June 30th so that we can make sure your travel plans line up right! As everyone’s schedules/itineraries are submitted, you will be notified with more details.

    If driving, please plan to arrive at Bryn Athyn College (BAC) between 3:00pm – 4:00pm on Friday August 4th and plan on leaving after noon on Monday the 7th.

    If taking a train, bus, or flying, make sure to buy tickets that will not only get you to Philadelphia, PA but also connect you to your final destination at the Jenkintown-Wyncote, PA train station. Your goal is to arrive at the Jenkintown-Wyncote train station between 2pm and 4pm on Friday, August 4. We will shuttle people to Bryn Athyn’s campus from this train station only. On departure day, August 7th, you will be dropped off at the Jenkintown-Wyncote station to take a train to get to the airport or other nearby transportation hub of your choice. You should book travel that leaves no earlier than 4:30 pm in order to ensure ample time to get from Jenkintown-Wyncote train station to where you are connecting.

    Yes – in fact, we encourage carpooling! Use the Big Cheese 2017 Facebook group (you will be invited to join once you register) to see who you could drive with. Plan on arriving at Bryn Athyn College between 3 – 4:00 pm on Friday, August 4th and departing on Monday, August 7th around noon. You can park your car on campus for free during the duration of your stay.


    The total cost will be a registration fee of $300 (but completely FREE if your chapter earns the “Order of Strategic Changemakers” badge) plus your transportation costs to and from the greater Bryn Athyn area.
    You can use Cheese Points to cover your registration fee. If you are unsure of how many Cheese Points your chapter has left to spend be sure to touch base with your Changemaker Ignitor. At this time Cheese Points are not available for travel scholarships, so use your creativity there, and reach out to your CI if you are having trouble finding travel funding!


    Come ready for 64-90 degrees. Climate is warm and humid!
    You will need to bring your own pillow, sleeping bag (or bedding), and towel – no linens will be provided. We will be sending out a packing list four weeks prior to the Big Cheese with more details.
    We want to make sure that you are comfortable. Be ready for anything from sitting to playing interactive games. We will be spending time both inside and outside. Rest assured – there will be air-conditioning!
    Once you arrive at Bryn Athyn College, you have nothing to worry about, as long as you’ve brought everything on your packing list. Meals and lodging are covered in your registration fee. We will also provide you with any needed training materials.
    In short, yes. We believe it’s important to stay on-site to be fully immersed and present for the time we have together.
    Everyone attending the Big Cheese will be staying in suites that each sleep 5 people. A suite consists of 2 double rooms and a single room with a shared kitchen and living space. You will find out who you are staying with when you arrive. We do our best to place people from the same chapter together- however, you may also be given the opportunity to stay with members of other FeelGood chapters. If you have any concerns about lodging please do not hesitate to contact your Changemaker Ignitor or email We want to make sure that you feel safe and are comfortable with lodging. We will do our very best to address any special needs or concerns.
    A full draft of the Big Cheese schedule will be made available as the summer approaches.
    In short, no. We are together only for 4 days and we have a lot to cover; If you’d like to tour around, plan on arriving a few days earlier or staying later. Please know that we are only providing transportation to and from transit hubs at particular times on August 4 and August 7.
    Yes, you will. We invite you to use it during free time, but don’t forget: we’re only together in person for 4 days, and it’s important to be present!
    Yes, you can. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided throughout the Big Cheese, but if you would like to bring your own food and snacks you can store them in your suite’s kitchen. If you have special dietary considerations that require access to food outside of scheduled meal times, we would love to collaborate with you to ensure your needs are met, so please email and we will connect with you! And…don’t worry, we will be eating more than just grilled cheese!