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Frequently Asked Questions

60 Cheese Points = 1 US Dollar
This depends on your chapter’s phase. Phase I chapters can spend up to $750 (45,000 Cheese Points), Phase II chapters can spend up to $1,125 (67,500 Cheese Points), Phase III chapters can spend up to $1,700 (102,000 Cheese Points), and Phase IV chapters can spend up to $2,450 (147,000 Cheese Points).

Throughout the year, be on the lookout for exciting opportunities to earn even more Cheese Points!

Yes, Cheese Points expire on June 30 each year. Be sure to strategically spend your Cheese Points throughout the year.
In short, anything that your chapter believes will support its development. This can mean items that support your chapter’s social enterprise, key partnerships on campus, celebrating chapter members and leaders, or community building endeavors. Certain items will be found in the prizes section; for anything else your chapter needs, you can cash out using the chapter president’s – “team leader” – account.
You can’t use your Cheese Points for cash cards, like a Visa gift card. This is because they are hard to track for tax purposes. Instead, we recommend cashing out for a gift card to a specific store. Beyond this, as long as it will support your chapter’s development, go for it! If you aren’t totally sure if something supports your chapter’s development, it doesn’t hurt to ask first, especially if it is something that will require reimbursement!
To cash out for prizes you don’t see in the prizes section, you’ll need to be logged into the chapter president/“team leader” account. From there, do the following:
1) Go to Prizes section.
2) Click “Request a new prize” in the top right.
3) Fill out the title, fulfillment details, and price in Cheese Points, then click submit.
4) FeelGood’s Operations Manager, Nick, will follow up if he has any questions.
Yes, you can. To do so you will need to use your chapter’s president/“team leader” account. Simply follow these instructions:
1) Go to Prizes section.
2) Click “Request a new prize” in the top right.
3) Fill out the title, fulfillment details (including the name, number, and mailing address of the person being reimbursed), cost in Cheese Points, and click submit.
4) Send a picture of your expense receipt to Nick at
5) Nick will follow up if he has any questions, and you will receive a check from Wells Fargo reimbursing you for the expense.

The only exception is if you’d like to get reimbursed for ServSafe’s online food safety certification course. For this, simply go to the Prizes section and redeem the “Reimbursement for ServSafe Online Food Safety Certification Course” prize. Nick, again, will follow up with any questions.

Yes, they are. Any Cheese Points spent by a member of your chapter are deducted from the chapter’s Cheese Point total.
Yes! Cheese Points can be given to anyone else on the Cheese World platform. That means another member of your chapter, your chapter’s team leader account (tied to your president’s account), a member of another chapter, AND another chapter’s team leader account.

The easiest way to give points to your team leader account is to check the box “I want to give the points earned from this action to my team instead” whenever you complete a Cheese World action. Points already earned can be given to your chapter by navigating to the Prizes tab, selecting “My Team” and sending points.

If you would like to give points to someone else on your team or another team, click on the prizes tab and look for the Give Points interface.

No, any points given do not count against a chapter’s spending cap. Only points that are spent on a prize count against a chapter’s yearly limit!
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