Deli Dialogues

Best Practices

Dialogue best practices

Raising awareness about the reality of extreme poverty and building support for our Commitment 2030 partners that work is crucial to the success of our mission, and to the success of your deli! The more your customers know about our mission, the more likely they are to patronize your deli and help spread the word among their friends.

Devising creative ways to engage your customers in dialogue is therefore one of your most important changemaker skills. The resources below will help get you started!

Displays best practices

For ideas and guidance, check out the resources below, as well as the Marketing and Promotions section of the resource center.

Other resources

  • How to engage customers in dialogue

    Use this training session to equip your deli staff with the basic knowledge and skills needed to approach any conversation with a customer.

  • “Your donation in action” poster

    Head to Cheese World's prizes section to redeem your Cheese Points for this amazing poster that explains how the work of THP and CHOICE looks like on the ground.

  • Email ListServ Sign-up Sheet

    Use this sheet to provide new and existing members an organized place to sign up for your chapter’s email listserv.