Deli Setup

Choosing your ideal deli models

FeelGood chapters have evolved four basic deli business models to raise money and awareness for the end of extreme poverty. They are the deli stand (consistently set up in the same place at the same time), the pop-up deli (a mobile operation), catering, and delivery.

The four infographics displayed in the slider below illustrate different ways to set up your deli. You will find a one and two-table option for a deli stand or pop-up deli, a catering set-up, and a delivery set-up. These recommendations are based on efficient, clean, and successful delis observed throughout the movement. During the Intention to Action Workshop (IAW), every chapter will identify what combination of deli models will provide the most support in reaching their fundraising goal.

NOTE: These recommendations are designed for delis that have limited resources. If your chapter has access to kitchen space or a permanent kiosk, you may need to tweak these models so they work best for you. Talk to your Changemaker Ignitor or email for support in personalizing your set-up design.

  • Pop up deli

  • Two table deli

  • Catering

  • Delivery


A clean and organized deli is a happy deli. Regularly wiping down tables, cutting boards, knives, and tongs while keeping equipment, materials, and food organized is essential to a professional deli. An orderly and neat environment creates a more credible business.

Remember that your chapter needs to have at least two food safety certified members. You can cash out Cheese Points to pay the $15 ServSafe online certification fee!


Strive to have one deli setup and flow that your chapter chooses and uses consistently. Follow and/or adapt the order system and flows diagrams for each type of deli you host, and for deli models with more than one order system and flow option, choose and adjust what works best given your chapter’s resources. By employing the same setup and flow, you can easily manage your delis and provide regularity for our deli volunteers and customers.

Get your chapter food safety certified!

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