Deli Standards

We’re taking it to the next level

Our gourmet grilled cheese is a strategic response to extreme poverty because we hold ourselves to high standards.

Basic standards

There are three professional deli standards every FeelGood chapter must meet:

  • Price Point: Inspire an average donation between $3 and $6 per grilled cheese, whether the donation is required or suggested.
  • Deli Menu: Offer at least three different gourmet grilled cheese sandwich options to customers.
  • Food Safety Equipment: Ensure the deli has a food thermometer and a refrigerator or cooler. Members working the deli must wear: aprons, closed toed shoes, gloves and a hat, hairnet, or bandana.


A clean and organized deli is a happy deli. Regularly wiping down tables, cutting boards, knives, and tongs while keeping equipment, materials, and food organized is essential to a professional deli. An orderly and neat environment creates a more credible business.

Remember that your chapter needs to have at least two food safety certified members. You can cash out Cheese Points to pay the $15 ServSafe online certification fee!