Invest in us! Power FeelGood's youth movement to end poverty by 2030!


FeelGood is a youth leadership program addressing the systemic causes of humanity’s most pressing challenges through the work of the Global Goals. Students run a social enterprise—typically a grilled cheese deli—to raise money to address these challenges while educating the public on our collective responsibility to act. 100 percent of what students raise is invested in partner organizations delivering proven solutions at all levels: locally, nationally and globally.


When this generation assumes its place as leaders of our public and private institutions the challenges confronting humanity will be at their peak. It’s essential these leaders have the knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate this incredible time of peril and promise.


FeelGood has always been powered by the contributions of individuals working in community toward a common goal. Students volunteer 10-20 hours per week on top of scholastics and jobs. Our program supports the students through educational resources, training programs, consulting and more. And you, our financial investors, support the program. The students have stepped up. The program is in place. What’s needed now is you.

The voices of FeelGood

  • Kristen Fu

    Kristen Fu

    "FeelGood helped me discover my passion to DO GOOD in this world. It's given me the vocabulary and tools to be a global citizen, and the ability to emulate that life for others to see." Former President, Finance Chair, Events Chair, FeelGood Berkeley.
  • Kim Izar

    Kim Izar

    "FeelGood has helped me think critically about one of the world's biggest issues. Instead of going for the obvious solutions, it’s allowed me to better understand the root causes of poverty and hunger." Marketing & PR Chair, FeelGood Northeastern.
  • Joe Schell

    Joe Schell

    "Throughout high school, I was shy and uninvolved. Through experiencing the spirit of DelVal FeelGood chapter members, I’ve become more passionate and open. That's a change that will help me the rest of my life!" Education & Recruitment Chair, DelVal FeelGood.
  • Chris Joy

    Chris Joy

    “After volunteering all four years at UVM—helping to raise more than $100,000 for The Hunger Project and serving as chapter President my final year—I now volunteer as a Changemaker Ignitor, assisting start-up chapters with the guidance they need to build a successful enterprise.”

The FeelGood Experience

  • Enterprise

    FeelGood makes taking action to end poverty simple and systemic: raise money and discover how to live in an interconnected world.

  • Community

    Working in community with a shared vision and mission is the key to our sustained engagement and increased impact.

  • Leadership

    Students emerge from the FeelGood program equipped with 21st century leadership skills and the confidence to exercise them.