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We all need to know our stuff so we can be effective advocates for this critical undertaking. Check out the resources below for meaningful dialogue and fun meetings. Click section titles below to quickly navigate to a specific section.

FeelGood Philosophy

A handful of videos to experience FeelGood's deep grounding in our interconnectedness.

  • Welcome to FeelGood

    A brief overview of what the FeelGood movement is all about.

  • Voices of FeelGood

    Listen to students and partners from around the world share what the FeelGood movement means to them.

  • The FeelGood Story

    Learn about the FeelGood story: Why it began, and how it’s evolved into today’s national movement!

  • The soul of money

    At FeelGood, the money we raise for the end of extreme poverty isn’t just any money. It’s money with soul. Here’s why.

The Global Goals

Resources to explore the causes and consequences of extreme poverty, and the global commitment to end it by 2030!

  • The SDGS and Commitment 2030 Fund

    An inspiring presentation on the Sustainable Development Goals and FeelGood's response: The Commitment 2030 Fund.

  • How to Make the World a Better Place by 2030

    We can end extreme poverty, halt climate change, and achieve gender equality by 2030. Here's how.

  • Know Your Goals

    Learn about all 17 Global Goals in detail with our compendium of hand-picked articles, videos, and assorted resources.

  • Own the Goals

    A Lab designed to engage you more deeply with the Global Goals, current events, and the work of our Commitment 2030 Fund partners.

The WakeUp Experience

The WakeUp is an interactive workshop exploring our many challenges, the worldview out of which they arise, and how we can take meaningful action to create a just, thriving and sustainable world. We strongly recommend organizing the 3-hour WakeUp on your campus as a key awareness-raising event. (Featured at The Big Cheese this year!)

  • 3hr WakeUp

    A 3-hour interactive workshop on the challenges and opportunities of our time. Inspires participants to take meaningful action toward a thriving, just, sustainable world. (Complete facilitator instructions and resources provided.)

  • 1hr WakeUp

    Short on time? This one-hour version of the WakeUp is perfect for a classroom or an introductory workshop. (Complete facilitator instructions and resources provided.)

  • 30 min WakeUp Teaser

    Really short on time? Use these resources to engage with the 4 WakeUp questions and have a meaningful, 30-minute conversation with a small group.

Commitment 2030 Partner Organizations

Commitment 2030 Fund Issues

Learn about the key issues we need to address to end extreme poverty by 2030, and how Commitment 2030 partners are responding.

  • Natural Resources

    Find out why natural resource management is a key lever to end poverty, and why reversing the destruction of our natural environment is a matter of survival for all life. Learn how our partner, The Pachamama Alliance, is taking action.

  • Understanding Hunger

    Understanding Hunger: The BB Experience

  • Water Security

    Learn why water security is essential to our collective survival and an urgent global issue. Then discover how our partner, Water For People, is making a difference.

  • Dimensions of poverty

    Take a systemic look at the causes and consequences of extreme poverty, and the proven strategies of our partner organizations to end it.

Personal growth and leadership

Videos and conversation starters on the purpose and meaning of our lives and our contribution as leaders.

  • A lollipop moment

    This Lab explores leadership in a new way, helping us see that the way we think and act has a tremendous impact on those around us, often without us even realizing it!

  • The Empathic Civilization

    Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical expert Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society.

  • The revolution is love

    A 5 minute video by Charles Eisenstein with a beautiful articulation of Love as the primary foundation and the base of all action needed to transform the structures of the world today.

  • You matter!

    Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked by a reader of TIME magazine, "What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?" This is his 3 minute answer.

Teambuilding activities

A series of games and workshops to create a common vision, build relationships and innovation skills!

  • Chapter envisioning

    Tap into your chapter's creativity to create a vision for your FeelGood chapter. Where do you want to be as a chapter in 5 years? What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

  • Our ties to end poverty

    A great activity to start the year or new term. It brings people together to share what ending poverty means to them, and ground your team in a shared sense of meaning and purpose.

  • Prayer flag activity

    An inspiring and fun way for chapter members to connect with one another by sharing their intentions or blessings for the planet. (Inspired by the meaning of Tibetan prayer flags.)

  • Peaks and Valleys

    A great team-building activity to strengthen your chapter. Through a simple structure, chapter members share some of the key moments of their lives that have helped shape their personal values.

  • Gratitude circle

    An ideal ceremonial activity to end the term or year by expressing deep gratitude for everyone on your team.

  • Team agreements

    Creating agreements for how you will relate to and work with each other is essential to building a strong and effective team.

  • Marshmallow challenge

    A fun and effective exercise on how to turn your chapter into an innovation powerhouse!

  • Innovation brainstorms

    A fun activity to get your team to contribute new ideas to help improve different areas of your chapter life!

  • Identitree Workshop

    This Lab is a great way to get to know individuals in your chapter on a deeper level. At the same time it offers an important education and exploration of the topic of social justice and personal identity.

Total Chapter Experience

  • Maintaining Motivation

    This activity can act as a starting point for your chapter to host a discussion on the priorities of your members and how that affects the priorities of your FeelGood chapter as a whole.

  • Inspiring Original Thinking

    As your chapter makes its presence known on campus, it is important to keep revisiting the successes and setbacks your chapter faces.

  • Igniting the Fire

    Here in FeelGood we believe that every individual has the power to have a meaningful impact on our world and that can start with a simple conversation.

  • Expanding the Story

    FeelGood isn’t just one story. Students across North America have made this movement unique, incorporating their own outlook to inspire others to gain a revolutionary outlook on the end to world poverty.

Deli Skills

Essential skills for running an exceptional FeelGood deli: One that raises money and inspires transformational conversations.

  • Food safety

    Learn some basic facts about WHY food safety is so important, and what everyone on your team needs to do to ensure food safety standards are always being met.

  • Talk to me

    “Are there any tips on how to engage people in dialogue without sounding preachy or boring?” This Lab offers a process for how to build relationship, connect authentically, and have a real dialogue.

  • Tricky awkward questions

    Delis and meetings are a great space for dialogue, but given the complexity of the work to end extreme poverty, there can be many a tricky, awkward question that arises. Find tips here!

  • Deli campaigns

    A workshop to learn and implement the basic principles for drawing people in and turning your deli into an inviting environment for dialogue.

Leadership labs library

A series of guides and best practices collected by the movement on how to best fulfill your role as a FeelGood leader.

Leadership Labs