Expanding the Story

FeelGood isn’t just one story. Students across the country have made this movement unique, incorporating their own outlook to inspire others to gain a revolutionary outlook on the end to world poverty. Each FeelGood chapter has a unique story, one that should be celebrated and appreciated, but the danger is when we forget stories other than our own.

DISCUSSION: What is our story?

  1. Start by watching this TED Talk: The danger of a single story
  2. Lead a discussion with your members.
    • It may be helpful to start with general feedback about the TED Talk so members can express their reactions to it.
      • What did you like about the video?
      • How is this video relevant in today’s world?
      • Have you experienced this in your own life?
  3. Bring it back to FeelGood.
    • What story are we trying to tell when we talk about FeelGood?
    • What is the story of how we each got involved with FeelGood?
    • What are the stories that make our chapter unique?
  4. The main part of this discussion is to build of the idea of chapter identity. It is important that every FeelGood chapter is communicating to its student body about the mission and culture of FeelGood.
    • Some other questions to consider:
      • Are there stigmatized stories around giving aid to foreign countries on our campus?
      • Do you think we as a chapter accurately convey how each partner organization works towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
      • How do people identify with stories differently? What made you identity with FeelGood and its mission?
      • How can we encourage others to look at a situation from all viewpoints?

You can end this discussion by collectively creating a story for your FeelGood chapter. It can be a written document, a poster for deli, or an elevator speech to practice with students on campus. Whatever it is, let this represent a tangible version of your chapter’s story. You know your campus the best, so tell FeelGood’s story in the way you want them to hear it!

For help developing the story of your FeelGood chapter and better engage with your school community, you can reference the Powerpoint “Talk to Me”. If you need to work on your FeelGood elevator pitch, “How to Write a Media Pitch” is a good place to start.