FeelGood-X events Every action, every dollar, every person counts.

Do Good. FeelGood.

What are FeelGoodx events?

FeelGoodx (FGx) events are designed in the spirit of inviting ALL individuals and communities to take action and contribute to our mission of ending extreme poverty by 2030. From 10 years of grassroots fundraising experience in the FeelGood movement, we’ve curated a host of resources to support individuals and communities of changemakers around the world in raising money and awareness for the Commitment 2030 Fund. If we are to reach our goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030, we all need to step it up, and FeelGoodx events are a way of responding powerfully and effectively to this calling.

What does the “x” mean?

“x” stands for the x-factor. FeelGoodx events have the potential to “x”ponentially increase the fundraising and awareness raising power of the FeelGood movement.

“x” stands for independent. FeelGoodx events are fundraising and awareness campaigns run entirely by individuals not directly involved in the FeelGood chapter program.

“x” stands for international. With FeelGoodx events, we are finally opening the FeelGood model to changemakers around the world!

Get Started

Don’t wait to begin making a difference for a world that works for all! Get started on fundraising and advocacy for the end of poverty by planning one of these FeelGood events today!

  • Sports Fundraiser

    Host a sports tournament with assorted revenue streams that gets people active and having fun all while raising money and awareness for the end of extreme poverty by 2030.

  • Cookie Delivery

    Cookies or baked goods delivered? Now that's an offer that can't be refused.

  • Restaurant Fundraiser

    Partner with a local restaurant or food vendor. They get your business, you get a free fundraiser!

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