Best Practices

Price Point Best Practices

We are heeding the call to end extreme poverty in our lifetime by investing in our fellow brothers and sisters. Because of this, FeelGood sandwiches are made with high quality ingredients and prepared with love to raise money for the end of extreme poverty. It is a FeelGood standard to ask for a donation* of between $3 and $6 for one grilled cheese (whether it is a required* or suggested* donation). For example, an order taker might say, “We ask for a $5 donation for the sustainable end of extreme poverty.” By doing this it gives chapters the opportunity to articulate the value of a grilled cheese to customers.

*Donations can be required or suggested. Requiring a donation means customers must pay the rate that is named. Suggesting a donation means customers are strongly encouraged to donate at the named rate, but it is not mandatory.

Forms of Payment Best Practices

The more ways we can take payments, the more money can raise for the end of extreme poverty.

Cash is always accepted at FeelGood delis.

Many FeelGood chapters accept donations with Square – a fast and easy way to take credit card payments by using a smartphone, iPod, or iPad. To request a Square reader for your chapter, head to Cheese World’s prizes section.

Some FeelGood chapters create deli gift cards that can be purchased and redeemed for delicious grilled cheeses.

FeelGood chapters can also take check payments written out to their respective bank accounts.

View FeelGood's Financial Policy

Other resources

  • Expense tracking

    Use this tracking template to accurately and clearly record your chapter’s finances.

  • Annual Budget

    Use this template as a guide when creating an annual budget to submit to your university’s Student Government or similar department.


    Contact FeelGood to secure a Square credit card reader for your chapter or cash out for one on Cheese World.