Find an advisor

Two models to consider

As a student organization on campus, most schools require that you find a faculty member or staff administrator to support your chapter as an advisor. There are two models you can consider to fulfill this requirement and immense opportunity for support: As the chapter’s primary advisor, or by forming a Chapter advisory board.

Primary Chapter Advisor

A chapter’s primary advisor, fulfills the role of provididing support and guidance to all chapter officers and members. This may include:


  • Training in interpersonal communication
  • Assisting with retreats and workshops
  • Helping identify new leaders


  • Meeting regularly with chapter officers to keep current on planned projects and events.
  • Observing group dynamics and, where appropriate, offering advice.
  • Joining their annual Vision, Commitment and Action workshop as they set their direction and goals for the year.
  • Attending regular chapter meetings as often as possible to keep informed and be available to offer ideas, feedback and suggestions.


  • Providing a link between students and the university.
  • Advocating for FeelGood along with the chapter president and deli manager as they develop an enriching partnership with dining services and the university administration.
  • Being familiar with the politics and procedures of the organization and institution.

Chapter Advisory Board Member

A Chapter Advisory Board brings together particular skills and expertise to be available to chapter leaders as you work to establish and/or grow your FeelGood social enterprise. Areas where you may want to look for assistance include:

  • Guiding and advocating for your FeelGood chapter leaders as you develop a cooperative partnership with dining services, university administration and other important strategic relationships.
  • Helping familiarize chapter leaders with the politics and procedures of your institution as they impact your chapter’s goals.
  • Helping develop members’ leadership, teamwork and social entrepreneurial skills.
  • A FeelGood Chapter Advisory Board member typically serves one-academic-year.
  • Frequency and length of Chapter Advisory Board meetings vary from chapter to chapter, and are worked out in cooperation with the Chapter Advisory Board members.

How to recruit an advisory board

Advisory board letter of support