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Best Practices

Menu Best Practices

MENU STANDARDS. To offer our customers variety and quality, all FeelGood chapters have a menu offering at least 3 vegetarian sandwiches in compliance with the Vegetarian Policy (see below), or a “make your own” menu consisting of several ingredient options that allow customers to create at least three different sandwiches. With a diverse menu, our delis embody professionalism and legitimacy as a non-profit social enterprise and we are able to serve a greater customer base.

MENU BEST PRACTICES. FeelGood deli menus include gluten free, vegan, seasonal, and specialty sandwiches when possible. FeelGood chapters may provide a meal experience by offering sides to go such as chips, fruit, cookies, drinks, and more – which allow you to raise even more money for the end of extreme poverty!

For some delicious sample recipes from across the FeelGood movement, click here.

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Food quality best practices

We believe that in order to make the greatest grilled cheeses ever, FeelGood delis must use only quality ingredients to create sandwiches. At every FeelGood deli, chapters strive to serve sandwiches made with high quality breads and cheeses. This means REAL cheese (no “cheese product” here!) and bread with minimal preservatives and dyes.

FOOD SOURCING BEST PRACTICES. All FeelGood delis source deli ingredients by partnering with local businesses, farms, farmers markets, grocers, co-ops, and bakeries. By sourcing locally grown produce and partnering with local businesses FeelGood chapters are supporting local economies.

In addition, we value using organic ingredients in our grilled cheeses whenever possible. Our national partnership with Organic Valley means you can find organic cheese at many of our delis across the U.S. – Organic Valley coupons are available on Cheese World! Search for an Organic Valley retailer near you by clicking here.

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Other resources

  • Tax exemption for deli donors

    In order for your chapter’s donors to receive a tax write off they must mail this form to FeelGood World twice annually at 351 17th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94121.

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