FeelGood 101

feelgood resources

  • Trips, Trainings & Events

    So we are motivated and equipped to be effective changemakers—with the awareness, skills, experiences, connections, and tools we need.

  • Education Resources

    So we can become effective advocates for the most critical challenges of our time.

  • Branding Resources

    So we can look good while doing good. Find branded banners, logos, fonts and more.

  • Cheese World

    So we can harness the power of online technology to connect, share, log and track our actions, and access our chapter’s investment capital.

Social Enterprise Resources

  • Marketing & Promotions

    How to create strategic marketing and promotions campaigns, using social media and more.

  • Food safety & sourcing

    How to create a local, organic and delicious menu.

  • Finances

    How to establish transparent financial practices to build credibility and trust.

  • Deli Standards

    How to turn a deli into a high-performance, poverty-ending enterprise.

Resources for chapter leaders

  • Find an advisor

    What to look for and how to find a chapter advisor.

  • Team Agreements

    Creating agreements for how you will relate to and work with each other is essential to building a strong and effective team.

  • Host a Retreat

    Retreats are an excellent way to regroup as a team from the previous year and look ahead for what’s to come, so here's some help on making one happen.

  • Policies & Requirements

    What it means to be a FeelGood chapter.

FeelGood's Legal documents

  • FeelGood W9

    Click to view online and download.

  • FeelGood 501c3

    Our federal tax ID 76-0765873. Click to view online and download.