The Intention to Action Workshop Revisit

Welcome to 2018!

The Intention to Action Workshop Revisit is your leadership team’s opportunity to reflect on the last term, talk about what worked and what didn’t work, and revise your chapter’s fundraising and recruitment strategies. This process is such an essential part of starting the year that we require all chapters to complete it before the third week of classes.

To complete your IAW Revisit, you need the following:

  • Your whole leadership team
  • 1 to 2 hours
  • Internet access
  • At least one computer

To start out, let’s read this note from FeelGood staff:

Dear fearless leaders,

Happy New Year! We hope 2018 is off to a great start and you are excited to engage in the process of intention setting and actionizing for the remainder of the school year.

It’s no secret that we are living in urgent times. Yet the roots of the political divisions, environmental degradation, economic crises, and inequality we’ve become acutely aware of in the last year have long been creating a world — a reality — in which 21,000 people die every day from extreme poverty. How we all respond to this right now matters more than ever; as a FeelGood movement, we have to mobilize stronger, more transformative actions, bolder commitments, and earth-shattering compassion.

That’s a lot to hold! But the good news is we know in our hearts that a more beautiful world is possible, that all life is interconnected, and that every single action we take, every deli we run, every person we awaken, has a massive and profound ripple effect on our community and the entire world. Take heart in the fact that our movement is completely capable of changing the course of history the minute we all get off the sidelines and get on the court taking action!

If you haven’t already seen it, please watch as a team the video to the right as a grounding in preparation for this workshop. In it, FeelGood friend Charles Eisenstein talks about the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible and how we create a movement from an organization.

Every action in the world can either be motivated by fear or love. There’s a reason we call you all fearless leaders–because you respond to the world’s most pressing needs with boundless love!

Peace, love, & cheese,
FeelGood Staff

Another year of unleashing the human spirit

Step 1: Personal Check-In

Before we revisit our IAW, let’s take a moment to check in personally with one another. We can go around the room sharing responses to the following questions:

  • What is one reason you are excited to be a leader this term?
  • In what ways does your involvement with FeelGood align with who you want to be in the world?
  • What, if any, trepidations do you have about the coming term?

Please record responses and share with your Changemaker Ignitor via email!

Step 2: Re-visioning Our Commitments

Now for the bulk of the IAW Revisit process:

Part 1: Let’s find our chapter worksheets by clicking on the link below and selecting our college or university. Once there, we will begin with the tab titled “4) Spring Fundraising Strategy” and follow the instructions. This section is where we will make a clear vision for reaching our fundraising goals.

Part 2: Then we’ll continue on to the tab titled “5) Spring Recruitment Strategy” and follow the instructions there. After all, recruiting new members to our chapter is crucial to having the people-power to reach our other goals and to ensuring the long-run success of our chapter.

Access my chapter's worksheets

Step 3: Set Team Agreements

This section is optional but HIGHLY recommended! Creating agreements for how we will relate to and work with each other is essential to building a strong and effective team. While clear agreements won’t prevent our team from running into challenges per se, they provide a tool for how to work through those challenges, without which we could be very stuck.

To complete the team agreements, we’ll need to download the PowerPoint presentation below to view the facilitator notes, but can use the window here to display the powerpoint and guide us through the Agreements exercise.

Download PPT

Note: To support you in facilitating this Lab, check out the Notes section of each slide. To access the notes, download the presentation and select “Notes Page” from the view menu.

Step 4: Get Those Cheese Points!

Ok, we’re done! To get our Cheese Points for completing the IAW Revisit, our chapter President must complete the Cheese World action titled “Submit IAW Revisit Results.”

Additional Optional Activities:
Now that our worksheets are complete, let’s consider the following optional activities designed to strengthen our team’s cohesiveness and commitment.

  • Roles & Responsibilities Activity. Recommended especially for new leadership teams or teams looking for a clearer understanding of their collective and individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Position Orientations. If you’re new to your leadership position or haven’t completed this yet, check it out!

Got Questions? Need Help?

  • Changemaker Ignitor. Contact your Changemaker Ignitor for 1-1 support.
  • Facebook Group. Post questions or ideas to get feedback from other chapters and alumni from the movement!