Igniting the Fire

This activity is designed to be used during FeelGood chapter meetings, and while it is designed to be done together, the TED talk discussion and activity worksheet can be done separately. If you are going to utilize the worksheet, make sure to print off copies beforehand and bring writing utensils for members to use.

ACTIVITY: Igniting the Fire

FeelGood is a movement of dedicated college students who engage with their student bodies and our global family to support the Commitment 2030 Fund. Here in FeelGood we believe that every individual has the power to have a meaningful impact on our world and that can start with a simple conversation.

Start by watching this 3 minute TED talk, “How to Start a Movement”.

  • Recognize those who are a part of your movement: “It’s about the movement, not you.” Nurture your first members, validate their contributions to your chapter, and encourage them to discover their own potential.
  • As a leader, treat your members as equals. They hold incredible power because new members are more likely to emulate returning members than you (leadership/executive board team).
  • Here are some discussion questions:
    • As a chapter, do we have an inclusive leadership structure? Are leaders and followers treated differently?
    • Are we utilizing delis/fundraisers as opportunities to expand the FeelGood movement?
    • When trying to engage in meaningful conversations with other students at delis/fundraisers, do you ever feel like the one who is standing up dancing by themself? Does it feel like a risk?
    • How can we empower new and returning members to see the value in being both a leader and a follower?

Every FeelGood member, customer who visits a deli, and student who engages in a new conversation about world poverty are all important parts of the FeelGood movement. On a regular basis we should celebrate the individuals who make up our movement! Here is a worksheet to engage members in a discussion on how we all are part of the FeelGood movement.

Here is a description of each of the three circles on the worksheet:

  • Story of Self: Think of this as the place to write about what brought you to FeelGood. Did a friend bring you to your first deli? Were you looking for a place to practice your cooking? Did you personally connect with the mission of a Commitment 2030 Organization? Story of Self is the story of you.
  • Story of Now: How does the current state of our society relate to the work we do in FeelGood? This is the space for you to share your reflections on what it is like to be a citizen in the world today. What is our world lacking? How are we moving forward?
  • Story of Us: How do we all bond as a chapter? What values unite us as a FeelGood movement? Here is where you can share how your FeelGood chapter comes together. What is the FeelGood story at your campus? If you want to think broader, reflect on how FeelGood creates a national movement while having students scattered across the country.

Have members fill out the worksheet and share their reflections with the group.

Through filling out this worksheet, think about how all three sections come together to describe our movement, the FeelGood movement. The movement lives in college campuses across the country, and sometimes all it takes to grow a movement is one crazy person who is willing to stand up and dance alone in a grilled cheese costume.