Inspiring Original Thinking

As your chapter makes its presence known on campus, it is important to keep revisiting the successes and setbacks your chapter faces. One aspect of growing your movement on campus is to constantly encourage original thinking. Creativity shouldn’t stop once we’re comfortable!

DISCUSSION: How do we continually inspire students to reinvent FeelGood and make it their own?

  1. Start the discussion by watching the TED Talk The surprising habits of original thinkers
  2. How do we think originally in FeelGood? Are we already encouraging original thinking?
  3. Now give your members the chance to be involved in the brainstorming process!
    1. Identify a need/challenge/exciting opportunity
      • What isn’t working? What can be improved upon? What is something new in the future?
    2. Identify how we are currently addressing the need now?
      • Is there a practice in place or do we need to create an entirely new one?
    3. What are the different ways to think about this need/challenge/exciting opportunity?
      • Have members propose outlooks on the topic before presenting ideas/solutions.
    4. Brainstorm brainstorm brainstorm!
      • Encourage members to think individually (they should take pride in their ideas!) and then have people share with the group.
      • If you are looking for extra resources, the lab on Innovation Brainstorms can help.

NOTE: The purpose of this activity is not necessarily to resolve all the challenges your chapter faces or completely change the direction the movement is headed. We want you to encourage your members to always keep thinking on how they can improve and reinvent the movement!