Join FeelGood’s Staff Executive Director (Full Time)

FeelGood and the Role of Executive Director

FeelGood is a community of inspired and informed college students working on their campuses to do their part in ending extreme poverty by 2030. Active on 25+ campuses throughout North America – and a growing network of FeelGood alumni – we are an evolving movement committed to co-creation and the wellbeing of all life.

On each campus, student volunteers engage in FeelGood’s comprehensive program, which includes: a peer-led curriculum, a dynamic online platform, investment capital earned through enacting a strategic plan, annual leadership training event, and consultation & coaching by committed FeelGood alumni.

Students apply all of this training to foster a community of changemakers taking action. Students raise money and awareness via a social enterprise to invest in FeelGood’s Commitment 2030 Fund. The Fund is comprised of organizations that align themselves with the Global Goals outlined by the United Nations – CHOICE Humanitarian, Pachamama Alliance, The Hunger Project and Water for People.

FeelGood believes in the power of student and alumni leadership. That’s why our Board of Directors is comprised entirely of students and alumni of the FeelGood movement.

In addition to a vibrant community of students and alumni who have specific and rigorous ways to put their leadership into action, FeelGood is part of a growing collaboration of organizations mobilizing young leaders for a world that works for all life. The health of this collective, known as the Crew 2030 Collaborative, ensures FeelGood’s work stays connected to an ecosystem of like-minded collaborators and remains on the cutting edge of social impact.

We’re looking for an Executive Director who is rooted in the work of FeelGood – who sees its value, who is grounded by our mission, and who understands what’s needed to expand and evolve our impact. We are looking for a visionary leader who asks the big questions (Who are we? Where are we? Where are we going? What is our role?), is committed with all their heart, believes in the transformational power of collaboration, and understands and commits to the essential role of relationship building. We’re looking for someone who can translate bold vision into actionable tasks. As Executive Director, we need you to work in close partnership with the rest of the staff, our Board of Directors, investors, students, alumni, and peer organizations to offer support, guidance, inspiration, accountability, and creativity.

Job Description and Responsibilities

The Executive Director's primary duty is to ensure the health of the organization, specifically board development, fundraising/development work, strategic direction, and financial and staff management. It is important to note that FeelGood is a highly collaborative movement that values the insights and opinions of everyone. The Executive Director will need to fully embody this way of being to thrive at FeelGood - while also balancing that with the reality of working with a small team and a highly dedicated and capable, but volunteer board.

The ED will primarily partner with the Board Chair, Development Chair, Finance Chair, Operations Director, and Program Director. Regular communication and strong relationships with all board members is necessary for success.

  • Board Development and Engagement

  • Plans and designs annual board retreat and strategic planning process in partnership with Board Chair, staff, and board members
  • Partners closely with Board Chair in all high-level decision making, especially as pertains to the Board of Directors
  • Facilitates staff and board interaction, which is essential to success of FeelGood
  • Holds structural-organizational transitions with the Board Chair (ie. staff and board structure shifts, personnel shifts, bylaws, agreements, etc.), as well as Governance and Executive Committees
  • Ensure that training of board members on systems is provided as needed (via staff or Board Chair)
  • Actively support board member and board committee recruitment processes
  • Strategic

  • Casts compelling vision for the movement and is responsible for mission fulfillment
  • Provides strategic leadership – visioning, planning (happens in partnership with the board, but is held by ED)
  • Ensures organizational accountability to strategic direction and mission
  • Fosters strategic partnerships
  • Measures program impact and key metrics with Program Director and Program Development Chair
  • Reports out on movement success via annual report
  • Plays a leadership role in the Crew 2030 Collaborative to move our collective impact forward.
  • Development

  • Develops fundraising goals and targets for FeelGood operating budget
  • Implements fundraising plans
  • Seeks new partnership possibilities for funding, goods & services
  • Creates specific plans and campaigns for each funding stream
  • Works alongside Development Chair to execute the end of year fundraising campaign
  • Cultivates relationships with and expresses gratitude to all investors (includes monthly email communications)
  • Oversees/communicates directly with investors re: program impact
  • Financial

  • Ensures everyone is informed of the financial status and health of the organization
  • Manages requests for budget adjustments (increases, moving funds around, etc.)
  • Monitors and analyzes organizational cash flow
  • Creates and oversees budget management tools and processes for board members
  • Produces timely and realistic financial projections
  • Ensures timely filing of all tax documents, information, and paperwork as legally required of a 501(c)(3) organization
  • Staff Management & Development

  • Provides staff with feedback/performance evaluation, professional development and mentoring, accountability, support/morale
  • Manages staff onboarding/training and offboarding
  • Increases staff and program efficiency
  • Plans and coordinates staff retreat
  • Shared FeelGood Responsibilities

  • Host and attend regular team meetings including: weekly staff meeting, weekly Board Chair call, 1:1 staff calls, board meetings (at least 6 a year).
  • Engage in annual organizational processes such as strategic planning, board retreat, etc.
  • Support FeelGood initiatives, participate in seasonal special projects as needed
  • Honor FeelGood team agreements regarding communications, email, calendar administration and tracking vacation
  • Participate in initiatives and events when necessary/possible
  • Confirming speaking engagements/conference logistics for your own travels

How You Know You're A Fit

You will know that you are highly qualified for this position by the extent to which the following describes you:
  • You embody FeelGood’s values of gratitude, collaboration, community, empowerment, love, and commitment.
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree (required), Master’s Degree in non-profit management or related field (preferred)
  • You have experience in development/fundraising work, building/fostering relationships, coalition/partnership building, social justice, leadership development, global citizenship/service work, and/or collective community activism
  • You enjoy outreach to form authentic relationships
  • You are able to connect and work with a diverse range of individuals of all backgrounds, identities, and cultures in a positive and professional manner
  • You can offer responsive and inspired support, encouragement, and advice to fellow staff and board members
  • You have prior experience igniting others to inspired, informed action and creating conditions for their empowerment
  • You are a collaborative, co-creative, and communicative team member
  • You possess strong facilitation and listening skills
  • You are exceptionally skilled at and enjoy writing and copyediting
  • You have confidence and flexibility with diverse communication modalities including Google Chat/Hangouts, Slack, email, text message, and phone
  • You have the ability and insight to adapt communications for various audiences, situations, and channels
  • You have a balance of process/project orientation and people/relational orientation
  • You can hold, navigate and attend to detail while also holding the larger vision/needs of the organization
  • You have public speaking and group facilitation skills
  • You are intrinsically motivated and comfortable working with little to no supervision
  • You have experience with some or all of the following: Google Drive, Salesforce, Excel
  • You are willing and able to work both from home, a coffee shop, or seek out in-kind office space

Position Basics

  • Anticipated Start: December 2017/January 2018
  • Location: Within the United States – location flexible!
  • Travel: May include travel to FeelGood conferences/events and meetings with key investors
  • Benefits: Flexible work environment, health, vision and dental insurance + 5 weeks of paid time off
  • Salary: $55,000-70,000*
*At FeelGood, we value honest and authentic conversations about salary. This is only possible with clear communication, and a commitment to what is personally best as well as what is best for FeelGood as a movement. For further context, our annual budget is below $300,000 and we have a staff of three.
  • Our Commitment to Diversity

    We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to fostering the skills and leadership of people of diverse backgrounds and striving for gender equality in our team as throughout the world. We therefore encourage applicants of all ethnicities, races, religions, economic backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations; and regardless of physical disabilities.

  • To Apply

    Please send a resume and cover letter to FeelGood’s Executive Committee and Acting Executive Director at Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Candidates of interest can expect to be contacted via email for first-round interviews. We hope to fill the role by late fall/early winter, but position will remain open until we find the right person for the job. Interviews will begin in November.