Maintaining Motivation

One of the beauties of FeelGood is that students are at the center of everything that we do. BUT college students are busy and it can often be hard for chapters to retain members as the stress of classes, social circles, and other clubs impacts their engagement with FeelGood. This activity can act as a starting point for your chapter to host a discussion on the priorities of your members and how that affects the priorities of your FeelGood chapter as a whole.

For this lab, you will want to have a piece of paper and markers for all of your members participating in the activity. Pens and pencils will work as well, but colorful markers can help members get creative!

ACTIVITY: Identifying Your Roots


  1. Give everyone in the group one blank sheet of paper and tell them we will be drawing trees
  2. Before they begin drawing, state the 3 important parts of the tree:
    • The roots: the roots should be labeled as your core values that help you identify which things in life are most important to you (ex. empathy, religious values, education, compassion, etc.).
    • The trunk: the trunk should list the 3 main goals of your time in college and how your values (your roots) have guided you through these decisions.
      • RECOMMENDATION: Reassure your members that if examining their entire time at college seems like too much, focus on the current year.
    • The branches: the branches are the activities that will help you achieve your goals. Think of the clubs you are involved in, the classes you want to take, and the groups on campus you want to be a part of.
      • REMINDER: The things on the branches are ones that will take up less of your time and should build off of the goals you have on the trunk of your tree.
  3. After everyone has had a chance to draw their trees, have a few people from the group share their tree and what they put on it.
    • NOTE: If you feel as though the activity is drifting away from FeelGood, have a leader share their tree and touch on the impact FeelGood has had on their college experience.
  4. Now create the space for a more open discussion:
    • How many people put FeelGood as part of their tree?
    • Was anyone surprised at what they put on their tree or confused at any disconnect between their goals for college and the activities they were actually participating in?
  5. One way to end this activity is to reiterate how transformative college can be and how we should all be striving to involve ourselves in organizations, groups, and clubs that inspire us.
  6. Watch “Dear Future Generations” to tie into this idea of the importance of roots.
    • “We are the root. We are the foundation. This generation. It is up to us to take care of this planet.”
    • What is the connection between finding our own roots (our values, hopes, fears, and guiding aspirations) and better understanding the roots of extreme poverty?