Marketing & Promotions

The importance of Marketing

One of the most essential actions we can take in running a FeelGood deli is letting people know about it! Through strategic promotions, marketing campaigns and social media utilization, we can boost awareness for our Commitment 2030 partners and ultimately raise more money for the end of extreme poverty.

Because every chapter and campus is different, all promotions and marketing ideas are encouraged. It is up to each chapter to decide the best strategies for their campus and audience.

Social Media Best Practices

Here are some important guidelines for spreading the word about your deli through social media.

PROMOTE EVERY SINGLE DELI AND EVENT. This can take various forms: a post on your chapter’s Facebook page, setting up a Facebook event, members sharing on their individual Facebook pages, etc. It’s important for your chapter to tell as many people as possible about upcoming delis and events to ultimately raise more money for your partner.

GIVE CREDIT TO PARTNERS. Recognize deli and event partners, sponsors and/or donors by tagging them in posts about your deli or event. Give gratitude where gratitude is due!

Marketing Best Practices

The perfect recipe of marketing tactics is different for each campus, so it’s up to your chapter to brainstorm, test out new ideas and see what works best. Here are some guidelines:

USE VISUALS. When possible, share information about upcoming delis and events with the aid of visuals. This can take various forms: flyers, posters, chalking, a grilled cheese costume, ads in the school newspaper, etc. Catch customer’s attention with the FeelGood logo and fun graphics.

MARKET THROUGH MORE THAN ONE CHANNEL. To reach as many potential customers as possible, market upcoming events and delis through a combination of ways. Strive to market 3 ways for each deli and 5 ways for each major event. For example, for a deli your chapter could get an interview in the school newspaper, chalk, and do classroom announcements. The more channels, the more people you will reach!

Promotions Best Practices

A fun and easy way to way to raise awareness about our deli, chapter and mission is to offer promotions for new and returning customers.

ENCOURAGE CONVERSATION. Employ promotions that have a conversation piece. For example, a customer can get a $1 discount if they answer a poverty trivia question posted on your chapter’s Facebook page.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Honor your customers and keep them coming back with a ‘frequent buyer’ system. Go old school and create beautiful frequent buyer cards like these ones from the Western Kentucky chapter. Or consider checking out an app or online service that allows your chapter to offer special promotions and virtual punch cards to customers, such as Flok.

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