Policies & Requirements

What is a FeelGood Chapter?

As a movement of college students, we’re organized in chapters around the country. So, what exactly is a chapter? It’s a:
  • Recognized, On-Campus Student Organization on college or university campuses in the U.S. or Canada, with certain rights and privileges extended only to student groups.
  • Social Enterprise, a non-profit business where we develop entrepreneurial skills and invest 100% of proceeds in the Commitment 2030 Fund.
  • Food Vendor operating a food-safe certified deli offering delicious, responsibly-sourced gourmet grilled cheese in exchange for a donation.
  • Volunteer-Run Non-Profit, an education-focused service organization enabling our generation to take an active role in addressing a critical global issue.
  • Community of Changemakers, comprised of empowered, audacious leaders taking action to end hunger and poverty by 2030.

Chapter Phases

As a movement, we’ve learned that chapters evolve through four phases of development. Each phase has certain attributes, which correlate to both fundraising success and chapter longevity! Check out the infographic below to learn more about the criteria that define each phase and the respective benefits available.

Phase 1

Raise $1,500 to $3,000
Earn up to $400 in
Cheese Points

Phase 2

Raise $3,001 to $6,000
Earn up to $750 in Cheese Points

Phase 3

Raise $6,001 to $12,000
Earn up to $1,500 in Cheese Points

Phase 4

Raise $12,001 or more
Earn up to $2,000 in Cheese Points

Every FeelGood Chapter...

Has access to:

  • Cheese Points

    Investment capital for our chapter & enterprise

  • 1-1 Coaching

    Real-time coaching with experienced and knowledgable Changemaker Ignitors

  • FeelGood Labs

    Peer-to-peer curriculum designed to empower and mobilize you as effective changemakers

  • Training Events

    Peak Experiences for ongoing leadership and personal development

  • Branding resources

    FeelGood’s kick ass brand and graphics for identity and promotions

Agrees to:

  • Raise a baseline of $1500 annually for the end of extreme poverty
  • Fulfill FeelGood’s five core leadership roles and all related responsibilities
  • Operate a social enterprise
  • Create an annual strategic plan using the Intention to Action Workshop (IAW)
  • Have president participate in monthly calls and maintain regular communication with chapter Changemaker Ignitor
  • Submit donations twice annually to FeelGood for investment in our Commitment 2030 Fund partners

Questions? Contact us!

Chapter Policies

Vegetarian Menu Policy

As a student-run nonprofit food service that aims to create a world that works for all life, any food served by FeelGood is vegetarian including our grilled cheese and all other items. Why? Read on.

Meat is not sustainable.

  • Meat consumption per capita has more than doubled in the past 50 years, even as global population has continued to increase exponentially. As a result, the demand for meat has increased five-fold, which in turn has put escalating pressure on the availability of water, land, feed, fertilizer, fuel, waste disposal capacity, and many other limited planetary resources.
    Source: WorldWatch Institute
Local meat operations are also not viable.

  • The many benefits of buying local – such as resource conservation – are not translatable to meat production, which requires an inordinate level of valuable resource use and results in excessive waste production. They are also not necessarily more humane.
    Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service
Being meat-free makes it easier to abide by food safety policies and regulations, as serving meat is considered “high risk.”

  • Meat, poultry, turkey and fish are most frequently associated with food poisoning and foodborne illnesses.

Food Safety Policy

As a student-run non-profit food service, honoring food safety principles is a promise to keep our customers safe, our volunteers accountable, and our university committed to supporting our chapter. Instilling trust in our enterprise helps us maximize our impact in the sustainable end of extreme poverty.

As a FeelGood Chapter, we will therefore:

  • Have at least two leaders certified in food safety at all times. This is a minimum requirement. Chapters in Phase II of development must have three leaders certified in food safety; those in Phase III must have four and Phase IV must have five.
  • Strive to meet temporary food vendor requirements at our deli per campus and/or local city, county, & state protocols
  • Mitigate and manage risk through institutional and legal compliance in terms of food storage, handling, preparation, & service (including equipment, sanitation, and set-up).

For support in abiding by this policy, click here for a Food Safety Guide.

Get food safety certified

Financial policy

As a FeelGood Chapter, we will therefore:

  • Invest 100% of the money we raise in our Commitment 2030 Fund partner organizations.
  • We do not raise money for organizations other than our partners.
  • We do not use social enterprise donations to support our chapter’s development in any way including operations, events, and reimbursement for peak experiences.
  • Submit donations twice annually – by December 17 and June 17 – to FeelGood staff for prompt investment in our partner organizations.
Practice transparency in financial management by implementing the following practices:
  • Have a chapter bank account for managing finances through our college/university. If this is not possible, we will work with FeelGood staff to explore other viable options.
  • Have a cash box for safe keeping of on-hand cash during social enterprise activities or other fundraising activities.
  • Submit reports for all fundraising activities to FeelGood.

Alcohol Policy

As a student-run nonprofit social enterprise, we value creating a safe space where college students can collectively work to end hunger. As a FeelGood Chapter, we will therefore:

  • Be inclusive. Not everyone at a university/college drinks or can legally drink. Hosting activities related to drinking excludes nearly 75% of students.
  • Honor our partner organizations’ practices. Our partner organizations do not accept donations from the sale of alcohol.
  • Authentic conversations are crucial to ending hunger in our lifetime. From experience, we’ve learned the most impactful interactions occur when everyone is sober.
  • Abide by the law. This means only drinking if you are 21, but it also refers to specific rules on your campus. In general, student organizations are not permitted to utilize alcohol for any club or organization activity. Use of alcohol may result in a university cutting funding to a FeelGood chapter or dissolving a FeelGood chapter.

Branding Policy

As a student-run nonprofit social enterprise operating as part of a national movement and organization, ensuring basic branding consistency is essential for upholding our national brand recognition and awareness. As a FeelGood Chapter, we will therefore:

  • Represent the FeelGood brand properly in written communications by spelling “FeelGood” as such with appropriate spacing and capitalization.
  • When and where applicable, use the official FeelGood logo on materials such as: banners, flyers, informational materials, pamphlets, chapter social media pages and events, etc.
  • By keeping the look of FeelGood consistent across the country, there is basic unity from chapter-to-chapter, while also tons of room for creativity and personality from each individual chapters’ design.
  • We value all FeelGood chapters’ unique designs and ideas while as a movement, we encourage good basic branding practices.
For support in abiding by this policy, click here to access all of FeelGood’s branded resources, including the official FeelGood logo, and basic branding tips.