Staffing & Equipment

Best practices

Staffing best practices

FeelGood delis are staffed entirely by volunteers.

HAVE FOUR VOLUNTEERS. When possible, FeelGood delis are staffed with at least four people to create an approachable, fun and professional environment for both customers and FeelGood members. For information on the roles of deli volunteers check out our sample deli flows in the deli set-up section. In addition, check out the resources below for volunteer training and creating a shift lead position.

PROVIDE AND UTILIZE A STAFFING SCHEDULE. It is essential to have a staffing plan. Check out this customizable Deli Volunteer Sign-Up Template. Strategically schedule shifts around class schedules, keep track of weekly delis, have members sign up for deli shifts, and assign shift leads.

PROVIDE A CHECKLIST. To clearly and specifically communicate roles and responsibilities at the deli, provide a checklist of responsibilities for opening, closing, and operating the deli for volunteers. Click here for easily modified sample checklists.

Equipment Standards

Honoring food safety principles is crucial for every FeelGood social enterprise. It is therefore a FeelGood standard that all chapters utilize the following key equipment/gear at each deli:

  • Aprons
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Cooler, or refrigerator
  • Hats, hair nets or bandanas
  • Food thermometer
  • Gloves

Check out the Deli Equipment Checklist below for a complete run-down on your deli’s equipment needs. Your chapter can find affordable equipment through Cheese World, thrift stores or donors. For a full list of tips on obtaining affordable equipment click here.

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