Start a Chapter Help end extreme poverty, one grilled cheese at a time.


FeelGood is a youth movement turning college into a time of effective global action. On campuses across the country, students run a successful social enterprise—a grilled cheese deli— to raise money and build public support for the end of extreme hunger and poverty. In the process students gain critical business, leadership and teamwork skills that serve them throughout their lives.


Every dollar students raise is invested in the Commitment 2030 Fund: A select group of organizations working to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): a global initiative to eliminate extreme hunger and poverty by achieving an economically prosperous, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable human presence on the planet by 2030.


Follow the steps of our proven program, and in three years or less your chapter will be raising a minimum of $10,000 annually for cutting-edge organizations working to end poverty by 2030. In the process you’ll not only create a lasting campus legacy that will thrive long after you graduate, you’ll also develop the skills and friendships that will empower your own on-going journey as “a changemaker for life.”

When you step up,
we step up with you.

If you’re ready to add your voice and talent to this powerful movement, you’ll have the entire FeelGood community right there with you. Individual and team-based coaching, enriching online and offline educational experiences, as well as investment capital and access to a growing global network of experts in international development, business development and leadership training, are all available to get your social enterprise for the end of poverty up, running and profitable.

  • Financial support

    Brand new chapters have the opportunity to earn up to $400 in investment capital in the first year, on top of up to $250 in the Launchpad.

  • Training

    FeelGood is committed to your development as a 21st century leader, social entrepreneur, and global citizen—providing online resources, on-demand consulting and support, training modules and intensives, international travel opportunities, and more.

  • Community

    As part of the FeelGood community, you’ll have access to our global network of experts in international development, leadership, and social entrepreneurship. After graduation, you’ll be invited to join our alumni organization, FeelGood4Life.

We're kind of famous. No big deal.


How to apply

Application Process

FeelGood accepts teams on a rolling basis. Accepted teams enter FeelGood’s Launchpad, where they complete the initial steps for creating a thriving FeelGood chapter and social enterprise on their college campus.

Once all Launchpad milestones are successfully met, teams are recognized as official FeelGood chapters!

  • Step 1.

    Request an application using the form below. We will then send you a link to the online form.

  • Step 2.

    Complete and submit the online application.

  • Step 3.

    Within one week of submitting your application, you’ll be contacted to set up an interview between FeelGood staff and at least three members of your founding team.

Within one week of the interview, you will be notified of your team’s acceptance status.

Admitted teams will immediately embark on the Launchpad, be oriented to their leadership responsibilities and be introduced to our many support offerings.

Application Guidelines

BE FAMILIAR WITH OFFICIAL CHAPTER REQUIREMENTS. Before filling out the application, read the Official Chapter Requirements on our website.

APPLY AS A TEAM: A minimum of three confirmed leadership team members are required at time of application, and five leadership team members must be confirmed by date of application acceptance. No more than one leadership team member can be a senior, and all five leaders must be committed to being on campus the first full school year of operation.

FULFILL KEY TEAM POSITIONS: Your team must have at least five confirmed leaders at the time of your acceptance in order to fill these five essential roles:

  • President
  • Deli Operations Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Education & Recruitment Chair
  • Marketing & PR Chair

If your team is more than 5, we recommend two people share the role(s) of President and/or Deli Operations Manager.

Have questions or need assistance? Contact us!

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