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May 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

DATE OF MEETING: May 18, 2017
BOARD MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Alyssa, Aubrey, Becky, Earl, Erin, Julia, Justin, Katherine, Prarthana
STAFF MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Nick Collins, Rachel Hemmerstein, Connor Spahn
ABSENT: Aisha, Amanda C, Amanda S., Kate, Kristin, Lauren T., Lauren V., Marissa, Sarah

On May 18, 2017 we held our bi-monthly board meeting. Please note that this will be the last live board meeting of the 2016-2017 term.  We will resume live board meetings in September for the start of the 2017-2018 term.  Two board meetings will take place in June and July, which will be recorded and the meeting minutes will be shared via blog posts accordingly.

You can watch the video recording of FeelGood’s May 18, 2017 board meeting here:

Below is a summary of what we discussed. If you are interested in a certain part of the board meeting, simply jump to the time indicated in parenthesis at the beginning of each point:

  • (0:00) We introduced the board of directors for the 2017-2018 term:
      • Board Chair: Becky Bond, CHC ’12
      • Commitment 2030 Fund Chair: Marissa Carranza, UVM ’18
      • Communications Chair: Alyssa Weisensee, Pitt ’12
      • Community & Culture Chair: Sarah Ganassa, CHC ’17
      • Development Chair: Kristin Walter, Co-Founder, UT-Austin ’05
      • Education Chair: Lauren Taber, UCSB ’17
      • FeelGood4Life Chair: Lauren Van Sicklin, DelVal ’12
      • Finance Chair: Justin Donahue, BU ’16
      • Program Development Chair: Aubrey Redd, WCU ’18
      • Recruitment Chair: Katherine Howitt, Columbia ’13
      • Secretary: Prarthana Kotagiri, UMich ’18
      • Vice Chair: Julia Correia, BU ’18
  • (2:10) We took a moment to share some of our interesting summer plans.
  • (10:20) We discussed some of the expectations and next steps for the board retreat and board member transition. The board retreat will take place on Friday, July 28 through Monday, July 31 in Bryn Athyn, PA. Over the summer outgoing board members will be transitioning their work to incoming board members through an intentionally designed process – inviting creativity, structure, and audacious goals.
  • (16:30) Earl discussed the proposed timeline for board committee member recruitment, which the board will vote on and approve.

Proposed Timeline:

      • Week of 7/24: Committee Member Recruitment LiveLab or FB Live
      • July 28-31: Board Retreat
      • Monday, July 31: Applications Launch (aka Nick’s birthday)
      • August 4-7: BIG CHEESE
      • August 8-10: Committee Member Recruitment LiveLab or FB Live
      • Sunday, August 13: Applications Close
      • Week of 8/14 – Selection Meetings
      • Monday, August 21 – Acceptance emails sent
      • Thursday, August 24 – Confirmation of new committee members
      • Monday, August 28 – Movement-wide announcement of new committee members
  • (25:27) Connor and Nick discussed the Program Update which can be viewed here
  • (39:48) The Big Cheese Planning Committee gave an update. The Big Cheese will be held in Bryn Athyn, PA from August 4-7. The theme for this year is taking ownership of your FeelGood experience. The committee is working on content and met with Becky, Connor, Rachel, and Kristin to review content proposals, share ideas, and identify next steps. The committee will be collaborating with Crew 2030 on Sunday, August 6 and will finalize speakers and speaker topics. Registration for the Big Cheese will be opened up to Board Members who wish to attend and the link will be provided soon.
  • (44:00) The Executive Committee which consists of Becky, Earl, Julia, Justin, and Kristin gave an update. The main responsibility of this committee right now is the search for new leadership. The committee is currently in the process of developing a timeline, and hope to finalize things by the end of this calendar year or sooner. The intention is to be transparent with everyone and the board, so the board can make an informed decision when voting to fill this role.
  • (49:58) Justin gave a finance update. The last board meeting financials can be seen here. The current Profit and Loss statement through 5/15 can be seen here, current balance sheet through 5/15 can be viewed here. The FY 2018 budget will be coming out in the next few weeks.
  • (58:36) Earl shared a recent update to the bylaws, which can be viewed here. The revision was in Article III Section 5, which defines the length of term to 12 months starting August 1 to July 31, with a caveat that there will be a training period before they can become a voting member. Since there was no quorum at this meeting, the vote will be postponed to the next meeting.
  • (1:04:12) Closing statements for our shortest ever board meeting.

We invite you to share your thoughts, insights or questions on the tasks that the board members are taking on towards the movement’s overall goal of co-creating a world that works for all life.  If you have any questions or comments regarding the above items, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me, Prarthana Kotagiri, Board Secretary, at board@feelgood.org.

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