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November 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

DATE OF MEETING: November 15, 2016

IN ATTENDANCE:  Becky Bond, Amanda Carr, Nick Collins, Erin East, Sarah Ganassa, Rachel Hemmerstein, Prarthana Kotagiri, Kate Mitchell, Earl Pearson, Aubrey Redd, Connor Spahn, Aisha White

ABSENT: Amanda Salguero, Kristin Walter


During the second board meeting of the 2016-2017 school year, we discussed the progress and plans for the upcoming months. Within the first few months, the board members have been able to accomplish a number of projects and campaigns that support reaching the overall movement goals. Each member of the board has outlined some of these accomplishments thus far, and have also thought about priorities for the remainder of 2016.


We invite you to share your thoughts, insights or questions on the tasks that FeelGood’s board members are taking on towards the movement’s overall goal of co-creating a world that works for all life. You can leave a comment here or email me, Prarthana Kotagiri, Board Secretary, at board@feelgood.org.

Below is a breakdown of accomplishments & priorities by each position:


Chapter Recruitment

Chair: Amanda Carr (UVM ‘17)



  • Started conversations with administrators and student leaders in their college student governments at universities without FG chapters
  • Emails sent to students for chapter link initiative and awaiting responses. Chapter link initiative is a program to get chapters or alumni to go to nearby campuses of schools without FeelGood chapters and try tabling/canvassing on campus in some way to get people to start a FeelGood chapter. Recruitment Committee will send “recruitment kits” to any person/group interested which contain various marketing assets. The initiative was announced by Amanda reaching out to Presidents in cities with lots of colleges surround them.


  • Following up with chapter link program, and reaching out to our alumni/staying on top of recruitment kits/incentive awards
  • Reconnecting with our Facebook contact to design and put out free recruitment advertising
  • Planning a “newsworthy” event to grab attention for FG chapters
  • Working with committee, and getting them more involved in all aspects of recruitment work


Commitment 2030 Fund

Chair: Erin East (UVA ‘16)



  • Checked in and solidified our relationship with our partner organization representatives
  • Re-launched 1-on-1’s with partner organization representatives so students can more easily connect with partner org reps. Chapters can now request a call with any of our four partner organization representatives, and Erin will support by coordinating a call.


  • Working to get partner org reps on Cheese World
  • Exploring corporate sponsorship opportunities as a way to raise additional money for the Commitment 2030 Fund
  • Refreshing the C2030 web page’ for the new year



Chair: Aisha White (Pitt ‘13)



  • FeelWHAT Newsletter was relaunched and revamped for the 2016-2017 school year
  • Trained 4 out of 5 committee members


  • Finalize designs for the annual report
  • FeelWHAT Newsletter for November & December
  • Launch chapter design kits before the new year via Canva. Kits would support chapters with their branding needs for marketing purposes.


Community & Culture

Chair: Sarah Ganassa (CHC ‘17)



  • Send out SOY packages
  • Updated contact list for chapter presidents and CIs
  • Danielle Smith, board committee member, is submitting gratitude shoutouts in the FeelWHAT Newsletter
  • Committee is working on gratitude badges for Cheese World
  • Valid attempt to get FLAT Sammie back on travel route. FLAT Sammie was an initiative revitalized last year to have a grilled cheese stuffed animal travel from chapter to chapter. FLAT Sammie’s adventures were documented on Instagram via the @flatsammietwins.


  • We have been working on trying to get the FLAT sammie twins project back up and running. We have not been successful in locating the FLAT Sammie’s (perhaps lost in transit in between chapters), but we are hoping to start working on to launch next term.
  • Will be starting the process for gratitude testimonies soon. As a way for the movement’s community to be able to have an opportunity to speak out about their personal relationship and experiences as a part of FG and the movement. We have come to realize that FG has grown as a vital part in the lives of many and their personal/spiritual/mental/leadership growth.



Chair: Kristin Walter (UT Austin ‘05, FeelGood Co-Founder)

*Kristin was absent during this meeting, so Rachel Hemmerstein (Acting Executive Director) reported on her behalf



  • Transitioned to a new online fundraising platform: Flipcause. Fully embedded in website, many monthly donors transitioned over, and MobileCause/Classy removed from public facing websites.
  • Designed end of year fundraising campaign (EOYC). You will all be getting it in the mail, along with all of our investors and Changemaker Ignitors. Also included FG4L Committee.


  • Completely transition all monthly donors to Flipcause & close accounts with Classy and MobileCause. Will save money, allow us to be more synced up in our platforms, and gives us new capabilities in our platform.
  • Mail out end of year fundraising package (including brownie), send out associated email communications, social media posts, completely launch campaign.
  • Participate in #GivingTuesday (and raised $4,350 thanks to 50+ generous investors, many of whom were young alumni or students)



Chair: Kate Mitchell (UVM ‘17)



  • Planning for National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is in full swing, we have a guest speaker lined up and content for chapters to use throughout the week
  • The DoGood FeelGood has been revamped! The first one is in the works and will be posted in the Fearless Leaders Facebook Group soon.
  • Julia has planned and created four wonderful new workshops for chapters, they are being finalized (and named!) now.


  • National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week – keep an eye out for more information on how chapters can get involved and raise awareness on campus.
  • Getting the first new DoGood FeelGood out to students



Chair: Amanda Salguero (Barnard ‘15)



  • Met as team to onboard and decide strategic initiatives for the year
  • Overhauling the way we use Salesforce to keep in touch with alumni!!



  • Graduating seniors outreach and spring graduates data cleanup
  • First hub events – hub events are alumni hosted events for alumni to connect, exchange ideas, and stay involved in FeelGood.
    • Designing business cards and additional resources for alumni to use in hosting hub events.



Chair: Position vacant at time of meeting

*Nick Collins (Operations Director) reported on behalf



  • Filed for and was granted an extension of our 990s (as planned) – to be completed in February by our Finance Committee member Adrienne Frazier.
  • Our new system of tracking finances is going smoothly. This has been an incredible process, and through it we have gained more clarity of our expenses and the cool part is that it’s all housed in QuickBooks!


  • Recruitment and training of a new Finance Chair to start in January 2017.
  • Complete financial statement for FY16 annual report.
  • Regular financial statements for board meetings


Program Development

Chair: Aubrey Redd (West Chester ‘18)



  • Made suggestions to Nick for new items to add on Cheeseworld (compostable soup cups, tote bags and delivery bags).
  • Worked with Rachel and Connor on establishing a new set of key metrics (can see them articulated on FeelGood’s homepage).
  • Organized and gathered fundraising and enterprise ideas from various sources to include in the fundraising guidebook.
  • Began work on designing the “FeelGood Fundraising Guidebook” (to be completed before Thanksgiving and sent to edit).
  • Began exploring the idea of the Big Cheese for 2017.


  • Finish the fundraising guidebook.
  • Begin the student impact survey.
  • Reconnect on previous tasks that are not yet done (Cheese World and and key metrics).
  • Write a blog post for the key metrics.
  • Continue work on the 2017 Big Cheese.
    • Current proposal:
      • Big Cheese 2017 will be hosted at Bryn Athyn College sometime between August 4th-8th
      • BCPC will be a mix of new and experienced BCPC members, made up of 1 person leading logistics, 1 leading content, 1 staff, and 1 other support volunteer
      • Possibility open of collaborating with other like-minded organizations and inviting them to partake in our summer event, especially if it would mean we could combine resources
  • Reevaluate chapter and launchpad requirements.



Prarthana Kotagiri (UMich ‘18)



  • Meeting minutes for first board meeting
  • First blog post for the website that summarizes meeting notes
  • Helped Rachel find pictures and testimonials for the annual report


  • Continue to make blog posts to update everyone on meeting developments


Vice Chair

Earl Pearson (Pitt ‘15)



  • Managed board committee member recruitment process along with Becky
  • Kept everyone on task for our shortest board meeting ever
  • Supported several committee chairs with regular meetings


  • Develop board transition process to outline handover between outgoing and incoming board members
  • Develop and manage Finance Chair recruitment process
  • Gear up for FY 2018 board member recruitment process



Becky Bond (CHC ‘12)



  • Successfully oversaw board committee member recruitment process
    • Developed communications plan for board committee member recruitment
  • Solicited and gathered board members’ commitment extension forms
  • Managed first board meeting to be held under a 2-hour time limit


  • Managing finance chair recruitment process
  • Finalize & present board member recruitment process
    • Determine nomination process
    • Determine term limits

In the first month alone we have made a lot of progress, and done some exciting things. We will continue to work on expanding our reach and move forward with the priorities set out to be accomplished.


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