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September Board Meeting Minutes

The first Board of Directors meeting of the 2016-17 academic year took place on September 13, 2016. We discussed the following initiatives, and how together with board committees, alumni, student leaders, and staff we would seek to accomplish them this year.

As a member of the FeelGood movement, we invite you to read these minutes and share your perspective in the comments section below or by contacting me – Prarthana Kotagiri (board secretary) – at board@feelgood.org.

In order to reach our mission of ending extreme poverty by the year 2030, we made short-term goals to work towards our big picture goal. We believe that the key to a great non-profit are an unwavering organizational commitment to a clearly defined common purpose, meticulous organizational alignment around that purpose, and demonstrated ability to deliver uncommon value to the movement and the world. The measure of members and leaders engaged, the number of chapters, and the fundraising goal are key metrics that help us quantify these key points.

The goals for this academic year are:

  • to increase our number of chapters from 25 to 33
  • to maintain the same number of leaders (175), and
  • to increase general member engagement by 100
  • to reach a fundraising goal of $115,000

FeelGood has four strategic priorities and the board members are planning to work towards these priorities in the following ways:

Strategic Priority #1: Ensure sustainability, longevity and integrity of the movement through current transitions.

  • By creating board transition processes,
  • By recruiting board and committee members,
  • By identifying public relations opportunities,
  • By diversifying funding and maintaining development of grant proposals
  • By fundraising for Cheese World Scholarships

Strategic Priority #2: Grow the movement in breadth and depth, empowering 175 youth leaders and engaging 500 grassroots members.

  • By working on chapter recruitment incentive programs,
  • By increasing volunteer participation,
  • By launching member recruitment efforts
  • By offering town halls and live labs
  • By doing diversity and identity education
  • By finding ways to communicate outside the movement

Strategic Priority #3: Increase investment through the Commitment 2030 Fund and deepen impact locally and globally.

  • By strengthening partnerships with our partner organizations
  • By finding opportunities for to match businesses with chapters for
  • additional fundraising
  • By redefining the fundraising goal
  • By launching movement-wide fundraising opportunities
  • By looking beyond grilled cheese

Strategic Priority #4: To intentionally and strategically operate like a movement, not just an organization.

  • By establishing and planning mechanisms to connect with FeelGood students
  • By revamping the brand strategy
  • By ramping up our social media presence,
  • By sharing wisdom between chapters
  • By celebrating our achievements

As of September 9, 2016, all of the slated candidates for board committee members accepted their positions, and we are very excited to welcome them on board! To learn more about our committee members and our decisions in regards to committee members and board of directors, feel free to check out our previous blog post here: http://www.feelgood.org/2016-committee-members/

As you can see there are a lot of new and exciting things happening with FeelGood this year, and we hope to start sharing more and opening up connections with all FeelGood chapters starting with these blog posts. We want to make sure that everyone involved with FeelGood has an understanding of the actionable items being completed in relation to the movement’s greater mission of ending extreme poverty by 2030. We hope this summary of the meeting and future blog posts will help do just that.

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