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September 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

DATE OF MEETING: September 20, 2017
BOARD MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Alyssa W., Becky B., Julia C., Katherine H., Lauren T., Prarthana K., Sarah G.
ABSENT: Aubrey R., Justin D, Lauren V., Marissa C.

On September 20, 2017 we held our bi-monthly board meeting. This marks our first board meeting for the 2017-2018 term.

You can watch the video recording of FeelGood’s September 20, 2017 board meeting here:

Below is a summary of what we discussed. If you are interested in a certain part of the board meeting, simply jump to the time indicated in parenthesis at the beginning of each point:

  • (0:00) Intro/ Ice Breakers (Halloween costumes!)
    • Lauren T. (Education Chair, UCSB ‘17) – Favorite Halloween costume was the Pink Power Ranger
    • Connor – (FeelGood’s Program Director, Columbia) – Connor and his wife might dress up as a redwood tree and John Muir
    • Katherine – (Recruitment Chair, Columbia) – Was Laura Ingalls Wilder one year
    • Julia – (Vice Chair, Boston University ‘18) – roommates and Julia are dressing up as the dancers from the Justin Bieber music video “Sorry”
    • Sarah – (Community and Culture, Chestnut Hill) – Going to dress up as a cat lady for halloween and her cat is on board
    • Rachel – (Acting Executive Director) – Going to be in the Northeast for Halloween, which has the perfect fall weather
    • Prarthana – (Secretary, University of Michigan ‘18) – Dressed up as Minnie Mouse and used my long hair to make two buns that looked like ears
    • Becky – (Board Chair, Chestnut Hill) – Dressed up as Kim Possible
    • Alyssa – (Communications) Her dog will be a lobster for Halloween
    • Kristin – (Co Founder of FeelGood) – LIfe Sized Tetris costume with 11 other people! – last year was a family of dragons
    • Nick – (Operations Director) – Dressed up as fantasy Football – very Punny!!
  • (9:17) Julia gave us a quick committee member recruitment update and welcomed new committee members!
  • (10:50) The Board Member Action Plans are a guide to what the board members are working on this year, and are up on the FeelGood website. There are pins next to every board member’s picture to access their action plan. Click here to check out each board member’s action plan.
  • (15:36) FeelGood has launched the search for FeelGood’s next Executive Director. Information about the position will be shared with the public very soon. All of the information can be seen on the website and will be posted on job sites. (Update: the information is now live and can be accessed here.)
  • (19:47) Kristin provided a Crew 2030 update. Crew 2030 was launched a year and a half ago, when FeelGood started asking: how do we empower young people to be the change they wish to see? This meant going to the next level and collaborating by sharing our cheeseworld platform and methodology for deepening and sustaining community engagement with other organizations doing similar work with the same goal. We have done this with 18 different programs in the last year and a half. Lots of radical collaboration happening as a result of this.

Crew 2030 received approval to launch on behalf of the Enlight Foundation. We will continue to operate the same way, but the work that Crew 2030 is doing will no longer be housed legally under FeelGood. This will take effect in the start of October. Additionally, Crew 2030 will no longer be under FeelGood’s 501(c)(3), and will be funded through the Enlight Foundation, it will be called the Enlight Collaborative.

In the spirit of collaboration, there is an event happening in October addressing rising instances of hunger on campus. This is the second year in a row that this event has occurred, for more information about this event, check out the website here. Anyone interested in collaboration, please contact Julia Correia, Vice Chair, at julia.correia@feelgood.org.

  • (38:22) Nick provided a financial update: A link to the Board budget approvals can be accessed here. The board members were asked to be in communication with Nick, when spending money. Nick will provide updates so board members know how much money they have spent for their initiatives and how much they have left to spend. The Board budget is based on directives that board members came up with in their action plans

The FeelGood Budget is public and available on the website and can be accessed here. We are two months complete for this fiscal year, and we are doing well in terms of spending.  

Our cash flow changes due to the switch in Crew 2030 mentioned above. Even though Crew 2030 is leaving and we are losing that cash injection, we are still doing well on cash flow.

The Water Bottle and Coffee Campaign did not fundraise all that much, but it was a great campaign and we got some swag out there. If you would still like a water bottle or coffee, please reach out to Rachel at Rachel@feelgood.org.

  • (56:16) Kristin gave us an update about the development budget. We are currently within budget, but had to increase our budget a little from what was initially proposed. The amount is sufficient enough for the cultivation of donors. As mentioned earlier we are hiring a new executive director and their role will be to cultivate existing donors and secure new money as well. There are funds set aside for this initiative, but we want to stay in conversation with whomever takes on this role to properly support them.
  • (59:47) Connor gave us an update on how the chapters are doing, and a more in depth summary can be accessed here.

Most of the chapters are up and running. We have two active launchpad teams, Cornell and University of Iowa. Cornell just got official student org status, and are trying to have their first grill cheese event in October! The Changemaker Igniters have sent start of year packages to all chapters, with great resources and meaningful handwritten notes. Chapters are also engaging with the Intention Action Workshops (IAWs), and this can be accessed through the website, click here to check it out. This year’s chapters are setting goals around fundraising, member recruitment, number of education labs, etc. Changemaker Igniters are having their monthly calls with their chapter presidents and the link to the agendas are included in the provided Program Update.

If you are interested in the Hunger Project Gala on October 21 – 22 check out the link here for more information!

  • (1:14:15) Quick housekeeping item for the board: We will start using Google Calendar as a system of accountability for deadlines pertaining to the Board.
  • (1:17:13) In our Closing Statements we wanted to share what we are excited about this year:
    • Becky – excited about our group calls
    • Alyssa – Excited to get to know committee and working on the Instagram takeovers
    • Sarah – collaborating with committee
    • Katherine – Excited to meet committee about connecting with Connor related to Launchpad teams
    • Julia – Excited about youth collaborative advisory committee
    • Lauren – Excited to meet with committee – finished editing video from Big Cheese
    • Kristin – Excited about making brownies for end of year campaign – making them on October 11, excited about working with Julia at crew collaborative hunger focused gathering
    • Rachel – Excited to work on redifining key metrics and goals for this academic year (Heartmelt Metrics)
    • Nick – excited about supporting everyone in their endeavors
    • Connor – Excited about responding to email from UVM about new recruitment ideas
    • Prarthana – So many things to choose from! Taking on a bigger role from last year, and I’m really excited about stepping into that.


We invite you to share your thoughts, insights or questions on the tasks that the board members are taking on towards the movement’s overall goal of co-creating a world that works for all life.
If you have any questions or comments regarding the above items, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me, Prarthana Kotagiri, Board Secretary, at board@feelgood.org.

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