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Welcome Back 2017

Welcome back!


As 2017 begins, the United States and our global community are undergoing significant changes. And, while the new year is always a time for reflection, reset, goals, and new routines, this year is coupled with political transition as well.

The election season, regardless of how we voted, shocked many of us to our core and has brought to light a divisiveness that needs addressing.It’s clearer than ever that the FeelGood movement has a role to play. We have always been a place for community, dialogue, and action. And as we all move forward, community, dialogue, and action are more essential than ever before.

Community: Simply put, we can’t do it alone. A community can be small – like that of a single FeelGood chapter – or large – like that of the whole planet. No matter the size, the sentiment is the same: We’re all in this together.

  • Want to engage your community in a new way? Check out #100Days100Dinners. Like FeelGood, they see coming together over a meal as a profound way to be together.

Dialogue: At FeelGood, we use the grilled cheese as the vehicle to invite conversation at the deli. It isn’t about telling people all of the facts or all of your beliefs – it’s about engaging each other in a true dialogue. What do you care about? What are your passions? What are your questions? Your concerns? Wishes? Dreams? Goals? Plans? Without a listening ear, it is impossible to truly have a conversation.

  • Kern Beare of Crew 2030 is travelling the country right now engaging Americans in conversations of what unites us and what divides us. Follow along on his journey and get in touch to host a conversation.

Action: Especially when the work ahead of us feels more urgent than ever, we must remind ourselves that every single action we take has a ripple effect. That even the smallest of actions have deep and profound effects. Whether it’s using the locally sourced produce for your grilled cheese sandwiches, keeping the deli open for an extra hour, or inviting a new friend to join a FeelGood meeting – these actions deeply matter.

  • Check out FeelGood’s Resource Center for inspiration of actions your chapter can take today!

The FeelGood movement exists to create a world that works for all life, to keep us connected to our common humanity, and to foster a community that takes critical action, no matter the scale. THANK YOU to the hundreds of FeelGood students getting back to school this month, who are fired up to take action. Because of you, FeelGood continues to be a source of love, hope, and inspiration.

As we look to 2017, we buckle down and get to work – for we are united in our purpose, stronger in our resolve, and accelerated in our urgency.


With Boundless Love and Endless Gratitude,
Rachel Hemmerstein & Becky Bond
Acting Executive Director & Board Chair

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