About FeelGood

We envision a world
that works for all life

Our mission is to end extreme poverty by 2030 through mobilizing the rising generation as global citizens and strategic changemakers.


FeelGood is a youth-led movement turning college into a time of effective global action. On campuses across the country, students run a successful social enterprise—a grilled cheese deli— to raise money and build public support for the end of extreme hunger and poverty. In the process students gain critical business, leadership and teamwork skills that serve them throughout their lives.


Every dollar students raise is invested in the Commitment 2030 Fund: A select group of organizations working to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): a global initiative to eliminate extreme hunger and poverty by achieving an economically prosperous, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable human presence on the planet by 2030.


  • 1.82 M for the end of poverty

  • 25 active chapters

  • 220,151 volunteer hours

  • 210,647 changemaking conversations


FeelGood was founded in 2005 by Kristin Walter and a group of cross-country runners at the University of Texas at Austin. Inspired by the work of The Hunger Project and its philosophy that ending hunger is not about feeding “a billion hungry mouths,” but rather about “unleashing the talents and spirits of a billion human beings able to end their own hunger”—Kristin and her friends looked for a way to get involved and contribute.

Their idea: offer fellow students grilled cheese sandwiches in exchange for a donation, and invest the proceeds in organizations with a proven track record of sustainable, gender-based hunger-eradication. In less than 6 months, they raised $10,000. Not only that, they discovered that a grilled cheese sandwich had the power to start some amazing conversations about hunger, and how we can end it.

Today, we’re a national movement of social entrepreneurs for the end of extreme poverty, with chapters across the country. Every year FeelGood students initiate thousands of conversations and raise tens of thousands of dollars, all for the most critical global issue of our time.

Our Board of Directors

FeelGood's board of directors is made up by 12 students and alumni of the program. Over 30 students and alumni serve in the different board committees to create, hold and implement the vision for our movement.

  • Becky Bond

    Becky BondBoard Chair

    Becky joined FeelGood in 2011 when she founded and co-led the chapter at Chestnut Hill College. After graduating in 2012, Becky continued her work with FeelGood through a myriad of positions, including Big Cheese logistics intern, Hunger Summit committee co-chair, FeelGood4Life chair, communications committee member, and Changemaker Ignitor. She is currently living the lake life in northern New Jersey with her boyfriend and two cats, and works at an economic development organization.

  • Marissa Carranza

    Marissa CarranzaCommitment 2030 Fund Chair

    Marissa joined the FeelGood movement her first semester at UVM and has since then served as the fundraising chair and Co-President. Marissa is pursuing her degree in Nutrition & Food Science with minors in Biology & Chemistry. She plans to continue on a path of medicine and dreams to work in a community health/global health setting. When not studying you can catch Marissa running around Burlington, juggling or widening her acro-yoga skill set.

  • Julia Correia

    Julia CorreiaVice Chair

    Julia joined FeelGood in 2014 after seeing a friendly face in a grilled cheese costume! She has since served in a variety of positions at the Boston University chapter and in the Board Education Committee. She is pursuing a BA in Psychology and hopes to continue working in the nonprofit sector after graduating. Julia spent six months studying abroad in New Zealand, and she’ll try to convince anyone to go on a hike!

  • Justin Donahue

    Justin DonahueFinance Chair

    Justin co-founded the Boston University chapter in 2011 and served as Treasurer until 2014. At BU, he studied finance and international management, and since graduating has worked in accounting and analytical finance. He is passionate about expanding education opportunities, foreign languages, and human rights. In his free time he loves hanging out with his two bunnies and is a firm believer in aliens.

  • Sarah Ganassa

    Sarah GanassaCommunity & Culture Chair

    Sarah’s passion for FeelGood sparked in 2012 and it has been true love ever since. Sarah is studying Human Services with a concentration in Special Education and Environmental Studies. She currently serves as president at Chestnut Hill. Fun Fact: Sarah was raised speaking American Sign Language. In addition to FeelGood, Sarah is also an active advocate for special needs individuals, environment/animal rights, and LGBTQ+ community and basic human rights. Stay Groovy!

  • Katherine Howitt

    Katherine HowittRecruitment Chair

    Katherine Howitt joined FeelGood in 2011 at Columbia University, where she served as marketing manager and played an active role in transitioning from a traditional deli to an on campus delivery service. Katherine graduated in 2013 with a degree in Psychology and Linguistics. She lives in New York City with her cat Catstopher Robin and is currently completing graduate research in Linguistics.

  • Prarthana Kotagiri

    Prarthana KotagiriBoard Secretary

    Prarthana joined FeelGood at the beginning of 2015 as a member of the UMich chapter. She is a junior currently pursuing a degree in business at the Ross School of Business. She also hopes to graduate with a minor in Economics. Prarthana spends her spare time working on her own startup venture, and her dream is to build and run a nonprofit orphanage in India.

  • Aubrey Redd

    Aubrey ReddProgram Development Chair

    Aubrey joined the FeelGood movement in 2015 as the founder and president of her chapter at West Chester University. She is a Nutrition and Dietetics major with a minor in Ethnic Studies. She hopes to one day use her passion and degree to combat hunger and malnutrition. When she isn't selling grilled cheese for FeelGood, Aubrey likes exploring new hiking trails and making music with her friends.

  • Lauren Taber

    Lauren TaberEducation Chair

    Lauren is a recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara, where she double majored in French and Global Studies. She was involved with FeelGood for four years, serving the UCSB chapter as Education & Recruitment Chair and eventually Co-President. She has also been a part of the Education Committee for the last two years and is fascinated by the work of FeelGood’s partner organizations. Lauren’s other passions include writing, travel, and planning her life with the dogs she will eventually adopt.

  • Lauren Van Sicklin

    Lauren Van SicklinFeelGood4Life Chair

    Lauren joined FeelGood in 2011 when she founded the chapter at Delaware Valley University. After graduating in 2012, she continued working with FeelGood through many different roles, including Hunger Summit committee co-chair, two Big Cheese logistics internships, FG4L committee Vice Chair, and Changemaker Ignitor. She currently lives in Brooklyn NY, where she teaches 8th grade biology. Fun fact: Lauren served as a Peace Crops volunteer in Madagascar where she lived and worked for two and a half years.

  • Kristin Walter

    Kristin WalterCo-Founder & Development Chair

    Kristin co-founded FeelGood in 2005 as a college student at the University of Texas, Austin, where she received her BA in finance. As FeelGood’s executive director, Kristin has guided FeelGood from a single-campus initiative into a vibrant national movement, impacting the lives of thousands and raising over $1.7 million for the end of extreme poverty and hunger.

  • Alyssa Weisensee

    Alyssa Weisensee

    Alyssa first joined FeelGood in 2008 as an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh, serving as chapter president in 2011. There she studied Spanish, Anthropology, Latin American Studies, and Portuguese. Since graduating she has worked in healthcare administration and volunteers to provide linguistically and culturally competent healthcare. She enjoys ice skating and spending time with her family and her dog Mozzarella.

Our Staff

FeelGood staff members serve, equip and support hundreds of student leaders who in turn inspire and manage over a thousand volunteers across the country.

  • Rachel Hemmerstein

    Always has the best

    1-liner responses

    Rachel HemmersteinActing Executive Director

    Rachel joined FeelGood in 2011 as a Changemaker Ignitor and is now our Acting Executive Director. Rachel knows the FeelGood experience inside and out: She was the deli manager and president of the FeelGood chapter at the University of Vermont, where she graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in Sociology and minors in Psychology and History.

  • Connor Spahn

    Has an

    encyclopedic knowledge of roller coasters

    Connor SpahnProgram Director

    Connor joined FeelGood in 2013 as a Changemaker Ignitor and now serves as the Program Director. First involved with the FeelGood chapter at Columbia University as treasurer, he has been actively involved as an alumni as a Big Cheese counselor and as co-chair of the 2013 Hunger Summit. Connor has his degree in Economics and Philosophy.

  • Nick Collins

    Had a poem published

    in fifth grade

    Nick CollinsOperations Director

    Nick joined FeelGood in 2015 and now serves as Operations Director. Nick first delved into operations management as the University of Pittsburgh chapter's Business Manager and later Vice President. After graduating with an economics degree, he traveled Central Asia and eventually found his way back to FeelGood.

Changemaker Ignitors

The role of Changemaker Ignitor is crucial for nourishing and sustaining our movement. We're grateful to these FeelGood alumni for playing the role of a dependable, responsive, supportive, and strategic cheerleader to all FeelGood chapters.

Aidan Smith
University of Pittsburgh ’13
Alissa Breindel
University of California, Berkeley ’09
Ally Karnavas
University of Pittsburgh ’10
Becca Young
Boston University ’16
Becky Bond
Chestnut Hill College ’12
Benjy Schechner
Columbia University ‘15
Bri Haneman
Duquesne Unviersity ’16
Celeste Calderon
Skidmore College ’16
Chloé Kund
Bryn Athyn College ’14
Dani Hoey
University of Vermont ’11
Emma Simon
University of Vermont ’16
Jason Walter
University of Texas at Austin ’07
Katie Kerrigan
Duquesne University ’14
Lauren Van Sicklin
Delaware Valley University ’12
Peggy Snider
University of Vermont ’11
Phillip Morin
University of Vermont ’12
Shahan Noorani
University of Illinois ’14
Tim Baccaro
Stevens Institute of Technology ’14

2016-2017 Changemaker Ignitors
Top Row, Left to Right: Benjy Schechner, Jason Walter, Connor Spahn, Tim Baccaro
Second-from-top Row, Left to Right: Lauren Van Sicklin, Becca Young, Becky Bond, Emma Simon, Katie Kerrigan, Jesse Perez
Third-from-top Row, Left to Right: Celeste Calderon, Alissa Breindel, Bri Haneman
Bottom Row, Left-to-Right: Bri Haneman, Chloé Kund, Iliana Mendoza, Ally Karnavas

Crew 2030 Team

The Crew 2030 grant is a fully funded program to share with other youth organizations tools and resources that leverage FeelGood’s 11 years of youth engagement experience. Through the grant, organizations receive access to an online community engagement platform, curriculum resources, and proven youth engagement methodologies. Learn more at www.crew2030.org.

  • Kristin Walter


    wins marathons every time she runs one

    Kristin Walter

    Kristin co-founded FeelGood in 2005 as a college student at the University of Texas, Austin, where she received her BA in finance. As FeelGood’s executive director, Kristin has guided FeelGood from a single-campus initiative into a vibrant national movement, impacting the lives of thousands and raising over $1.7 million for the end of extreme poverty and hunger.

  • Talis Apud Hendricks


    and produced a radio show when she was 10

    Talis Apud Hendricks

    Talis is FeelGood’s other co-founder, and is responsible for the organization’s technology initiatives. A veteran of numerous for-profit and nonprofit enterprises, Talis holds an MS in Innovation from the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico and a BA in Sociology from the University of Texas, Austin. An accomplished athlete, Talis qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

  • Huapeng Qi (Pong)

    ate a scorpion once

    didn't like it.

    Huapeng Qi (Pong)

    Pong is a FeelGood Berkeley Chapter Alumni. He grew up in Qingdao, China and came to California in 2006. In 2009, he went to UC Berkeley where he graduated in 2013 with degrees in computer science and applied math. Pong really likes to travel and has been to more than half of all the states in the US.