We’re ending global hunger, one grilled cheese at a time.

FeelGood is the youth engagement program of The Hunger Project. We are a youth-led social movement turning college campuses across the country into effective social enterprises raising money to end global hunger– one grilled-cheese at a time.

We envision a world that works for all life on the planet.

At the Hunger Project, we know that the success of our mission cannot be achieved without involving everyone, including youth. One of our strategic priorities is to amplify the youth’s voice as global citizens and strategic changemakers

The FeelGood program framework reflects the founding pillars of our organization, The Hunger Project, to start with women, mobilize communities, and engage local government. Our students are committed to the power of women’s leadership and equality, they are trained and empowered to enroll their campus community in their efforts to end hunger, which includes developing sustainable partnerships with campus groups like Student Government associations

FeelGood is a youth-led movement turning college into a time of effective global action.

On campuses across the country, students run a successful social enterprise – frequently a grilled cheese deli – to raise money and build public support for the end of global hunger. In the process, students gain critical business, leadership, and teamwork skills that serve them throughout their lives.

How it works

Step 1

Make grilled cheese

Step 2

Exchange for a conversation and a donations

Step 3

Invest the proceeds

Step 4

Make an impact

Every dollar students raise is invested in The Hunger Project.

We are a global non-profit organization with the mission to end hunger by pioneering sustainable, grassroots, women-centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption in countries throughout the world

World changing impact.

dollars raised for the end of hunger

active chapters across the US

volunteer hours making a massive impact

conversations creating change making connections

A transformational experience.

FeelGood started as a fun idea for my friends and I to make grilled cheese in the name of supporting the end of world hunger. While this still holds true, FeelGood has become so much more.

Instead of going through my college career with future dreams of making a difference in the world, FeelGood has given me the agency to take action now.

Additionally, FeelGood has opened doors for me that I didn’t even know were possible- between trips to New York City and events with global climate activists, I couldn’t have found a better organization to be a part of. I will take my experiences and lessons from FeelGood with me for the rest of my life!

Sophie Bergen, University of Denver

I have been a member of my university’s FeelGood Chapter for all four years of college and it has made my undergraduate experience incredibly worthwhile! The community is so passionate about both fundraising and educating that you could really feel the positive change being made at each deli.

Adrees Basharmal, University of Virginia

Take action.

Ending hunger is possible when we all work together.

Find a chapter

Connect with a community of like-minded students and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Start a chapter

Get involved by starting a Chapter on your campus and join our mission of ending global hunger.

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