Your partnership makes this movement possible. FeelGood’s programming is funded in large part by contributions from individual investors.

Power FeelGood’s youth movement to end global hunger by 2030.

The Hunger Project’s Strategic Direction has declared a commitment to elevating the voices of young leaders globally. Only through a quantum leap forward in amplifying the power of next generation leaders will we be able to drive systemic change for the sustainable end of hunger.

FeelGood is a powerful demonstration of this commitment in action.

FeelGood’s programming addresses the systemic causes of humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as hunger, through the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. Students run a social enterprise—typically a grilled cheese deli—to raise money to address these challenges while educating the public on our collective responsibility to act.

100 percent of what students raise is invested in The Hunger Project delivering proven solutions at all levels: locally, nationally and globally.

The FeelGood experience


FeelGood makes taking action to end hunger simple and systemic: raise money and discover how to live in an interconnected world.


Working in a community with a shared vision and mission is the key to our sustained engagement and increased impact.


Students emerge from the FeelGood program equipped with 21st century leadership skills and the confidence to exercise them.

100 percent of what students raise is invested.

The Hunger Project delivers proven solutions at all levels: locally, nationally and globally. Your investment allows The Hunger Project to support youth programming like FeelGood and provides the flexibility to respond to the immediate needs of communities and related projects as they arise.

Why Youth?

When each new generation assumes its place as leaders of our public and private institutions, the challenges humanity faces will be their responsibility to confront. It’s essential that young leaders have the knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate this time of obstacles and opportunities.

Why You?

FeelGood has always been powered by the contributions of individuals working in community toward a common goal. Students volunteer 10-20 hours per week on top of their academic commitments and jobs. Our program supports the students through educational resources, training programs, consulting and more. And you, our financial investors, support the program. Students have stepped up. The program is in place. What’s needed now is you.

Our partners

Invest in youth leadership.

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