Your partnership makes this movement possible. FeelGood’s programming is funded in large part by contributions from individual investors.

Power FeelGood’s youth movement to sustainably end global hunger.

The Hunger Project’s Strategic Direction has declared a commitment to elevating the voices of young leaders globally. Only through a quantum leap forward in amplifying the power of next generation leaders will we be able to drive systemic change for the sustainable end of hunger.

FeelGood is a powerful demonstration of this commitment in action.

FeelGood’s programming addresses the systemic causes of humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as hunger, through the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. Students run a social enterprise—typically a grilled cheese deli—to raise money to address these challenges while educating the public on our collective responsibility to act.

100 percent of what students raise is invested in The Hunger Project delivering proven solutions at all levels: locally, nationally and globally.

The FeelGood experience

Transformational Leadership

At its core, the FeelGood experience is meant to transform; transform mindsets, shift perspectives, and challenge the status quo. For too long we’ve lived in a world where hunger and poverty feel like necessary evils, but these systemic issues were born from humans. Which means humans have the power to change that reality.  Quality leadership is essential to initiate lasting social change and we are committed to creating experiences for students to transform themselves and their communities.


Alone, we cannot transform the world. Alone, we cannot enact lasting change. Alone, we cannot end hunger. Collaboration is the beating heart of our student movement. Empowering students and the campus level to connect with one another, to engage outside of themselves, and think from a global perspective gives life to creative solutions, powerful ideas, and strong worldviews

Community Building

Think global, act local is one of the many ways we encourage students to approach the FeelGood and social enterprise experience. Connected communities are strong communities. The Chapter experiences emphasize building relationships to create lasting and sustainable communities of volunteers that span years and years. Our oldest operating Chapter, the University of Vermont, was established in 2007. The effort of building a legacy with their community of Changemakers has made their impact long-lasting.


Our belief is when students are fully engaged and immersed in the work and leadership opportunities FeelGood and The Hunger Project provide, the impact they can have on one another and their communities. Our students create ripples of impact that can last a lifetime.

100 percent of what students raise is invested.

The Hunger Project delivers proven solutions at all levels: locally, nationally and globally. Your investment allows The Hunger Project to support youth programming like FeelGood and provides the flexibility to respond to the immediate needs of communities and related projects as they arise.

Why Youth?

When each new generation assumes its place as leaders of our public and private institutions, the challenges humanity faces will be their responsibility to confront. It’s essential that young leaders have the knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate this time of obstacles and opportunities.

Why You?

FeelGood has always been powered by the contributions of individuals working in community toward a common goal. Students volunteer 10-20 hours per week on top of their academic commitments and jobs. Our program supports the students through educational resources, training programs, consulting and more. And you, our financial investors, support the program. Students have stepped up. The program is in place. What’s needed now is you.

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