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We are a national movement of social entrepreneurs for the end of global hunger, with Chapters across the country.

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Starting a FeelGood Chapter is a great way to get involved with the mission of ending hunger, to connect with a community of like-minded young activists and to develop critical business, leadership and teamwork skills that will serve you throughout your life. As a movement of college students, we’re organized in Chapters around the country. 

A FeelGood Chapter is…


Recognized student organization

On college or university campuses in the U.S. or Canada, with certain rights and privileges extended only to student groups.


Social Enterprise

A non-profit business where you develop entrepreneurial skills and invest 100% of proceeds in the The Hunger Project


Food Vendor

Operating a food-safe certified deli offering delicious, responsibly-sourced gourmet grilled cheese in exchange for a donation


Volunteer-Run Non-Profit

An education-focused service organization enabling our generation to take an active role in addressing a critical global issue


Community of Changemakers

Composed of empowered, audacious leaders taking action to end hunger by 2030

Every Chapter has access to…


Cheese Points

Investment capital for our Chapter & enterprise


1-1 Coaching

Real-time coaching with an experienced and knowledgeable Changemaker Ignitor


Cheese World

An online platform to connect with the wider FeelGood community and utilize a peer-to-peer curriculum designed to empower and mobilize you as effective changemakers


Training Events

Peak Experiences for ongoing leadership and personal development


Branding Resources

FeelGood’s kick ass brand and graphics for identity and promotions

Our proven process.

Following the steps of our proven program, your Chapter could be raising $10,000 annually for The Hunger Project, a cutting-edge organization working to end hunger by 2030. In the process you’ll not only create a lasting campus legacy that will thrive long after you graduate, you’ll also develop the skills and friendships that will empower your own journey as “a changemaker for life.”

How it works

Step 1

Make grilled cheese

Step 2

Exchange for donations

Step 3

Invest the proceeds

Step 4

Make an impact


Is there a Chapter at my campus?

Please check out our Find a Chapter page to see if there is a FeelGood Chapter near you.

What is expected of each Chapter?
  • Raise a baseline of $1,000 annually for the end of extreme poverty
  • Fulfill FeelGood’s five core leadership roles and all related responsibilities
  • Send at least one Chapter member to a FeelGood peak experience each year (virtual or in person)
  • Operate a social enterprise
  • Create an annual strategic plan using the Intention to Action Workshop (IAW)
  • Have the Chapter President participate in monthly calls and maintain regular communication with the Chapter Changemaker Ignitor
  • Submit donations twice annually to FeelGood for investment into The Hunger Project
How do Chapters typically develop?

As a movement, we’ve learned that Chapters evolve through four phases of development. Each phase has certain attributes, which correlate to both fundraising success and Chapter longevity! Read below to learn more about the criteria that define each phase and the respective benefits available.

Raise $1,500 to $3,000
Earn up to $400 in Cheese Points

Raise $3,001 to $6,000
Earn up to $750 in Cheese Points

Raise $6,001 to $12,000
Earn up to $1,500 in Cheese Points

Raise $12,001 or more
Earn up to $2,000 in Cheese Points

Bring the power of grilled cheese to your campus.


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