Behavior Standards Policy.

As a student-run nonprofit social enterprise that aims to create a better world, ensuring that the interactions among chapter members and between chapter members and those who participate in chapter events and activities are respectful and reflect favorably on FeelGood is essential. Interactions that are disrespectful or violate laws or school policies can interfere with accomplishing FeelGood’s and the chapter’s goals, may result in a university cutting funding to or dissolving a FeelGood chapter, and could result in legal and financial liability for FeelGood and for individual chapters and their officers and members.

As a FeelGood Chapter, we will, therefore:

  • At all times, comply with our school’s code of student conduct;
  • Treat all students and all individuals who participate in chapter events and activities with the same level of respect with which we would want to be treated in like circumstances; and
  • Comply with all FeelGood policies and all applicable laws.

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