Branding Policy.

As a student-run nonprofit social enterprise operating as part of a national movement and organization, ensuring basic branding consistency is essential for upholding our national brand recognition and awareness.

As a FeelGood Chapter, we will therefore:

  • Represent the FeelGood brand properly in written communications by spelling “FeelGood” as such with appropriate spacing and capitalization.
  • When and where applicable, use the official FeelGood logo on materials such as: banners, flyers, informational materials, pamphlets, chapter social media pages and events, etc.
  • By keeping the look of FeelGood consistent across the country, there is basic unity from chapter-to-chapter, while also tons of room for creativity and personality from each individual chapters’ design.
  • We value all FeelGood chapters’ unique designs and ideas while as a movement, we encourage good basic branding practices

For support in abiding by this policy, click here to access all of FeelGood’s branded resources, including the official FeelGood logo, and basic branding tips.

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