Financial Policy.

As a FeelGood Chapter, we will therefore:

  • Invest 100% of the money we raise into The Hunger Project;
  • Not raise money under the auspices of FeelGood for organizations other than our partner;
  • Not use social enterprise donations to support our chapter’s development in any way including operations, events, and reimbursement for peak experiences;
  • Partner with FeelGood staff in the set-up of online fundraising pages and credit card processing systems;
  • Always act with honesty and integrity and in a way that will reflect favorably on FeelGood, and comply with all applicable policies of our university/college and all applicable laws;
  • Submit donations twice annually – by December 18 and June 18 – to FeelGood staff for prompt investment in our partner organization; and
    Practice transparency in financial management by implementing the following practices:
  • Establish and maintain a chapter bank account for managing finances through our college/university. If this is not possible, we will work with FeelGood staff to explore other viable options. At all times, the chapter bank account will require at least two signatures;
  • Have a cash box for safe keeping of on-hand cash during delis or other fundraising activities.
  • Submit reports for all fundraising activities to FeelGood within 7 days after the event or activity.

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