Food Safety Policy.

As a student-run non-profit food service, honoring food safety principles is a promise to keep our customers safe, our volunteers accountable, and our university committed to supporting our chapter. Instilling trust in our enterprise helps us maximize our impact in the sustainable end of extreme poverty.

As a FeelGood Chapter, we will therefore:

  • Have at least two leaders certified in food safety at all times. This is a minimum requirement. Chapters in Phase II of development must have three leaders certified in food safety; those in Phase III must have four and Phase IV must have five.
  • Always observe best practices for food storage, handling, preparation, and service (including equipment, sanitation and set-up) in a way that will reflect favorably on FeelGood. Best practices include, but are not limited to, ensuring the chapter’s deli has a food thermometer and a refrigerator or cooler, and that members working in the deli aprons, closed toed shoes, gloves, and hats, hairnets, or bandanas.
  • Comply with all applicable policies of our university/college and all laws applicable to “pop-up” or temporary food vendors; and
  • Comply with any Food Safety policies or instructions issued by FeelGood from-time-to-time.

For support in abiding by this policy, click here for a Food Safety Guide.

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